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Date Variety Grading Agency Grade Description price
1859Wide 9/8NCC MS64 RB60%/50% Red. An attractive, even mix of Red & Brown. Obverse strike is average or a little better - Reverse strike is above average. No detractive bagmarks or carbon spotting. Est. MS64 RB $2750 **  $1,785.00
1859Narrow 9CCCS MS62 CleanedSome dark patches in the lower left Obverse quadrant - otherwise the coin looks like an original RB. Est. $55. **$35.00
1876HCCCS-NCC MS64 RB-MS64 RBBeautiful magenta and violet-blue Obverse with magenta-red in Reverse devices and dark blue in centre. Very strong eye appeal for an RB cent. Many would grade at MS65. Estimate - $325 **$240.00
1876HNCC VG 10$5.00
1881HObv. 1aNCC AVFDark chocolate brown. Est. $13 *$9.00
1882HObv. 1 Single Serif in 'N' of 'CANADA'NCC VF30Dark chocolate brown. Trends $20 *$14.00
1882HObv. 1 Single SerifNCC VF20Dark chocolate brown Trends $15 *$15.00
1882HObv. 1 - Single Serif in 'N' of CANADAICCS Fine 12Dark chocolate brown *$10.00
1882HObv. 1 Single SerifNCC VG10Dark chocolate brown. Est. $9.00 *$6.00
1882HObv. 1a Double Serif on 'N' in CANADAICCS Fine 12Certified as an Obv. 1; but we see it as an Obv. 1a. Dark chocolate brown *$15.00
1882HObv. 1a Double SerifNCC VG - FDark chocolate brown. Has a few faint trace scrs. on Victoria's temple - only visible with a glass. Est.$17 *$10.00
1882HObv. 1a/1 Double SerifNCC Fine 12Dark chocolate brown. Est. $15 *$15.00
1882HObv. 2 Double SerifNCC AU55 Lt. Clnd.Attractive reddish brown not withstanding it's light cleaning. Trends as an original AU55 - $50 * $38.00
1882HObv. 2 Double SerifNCC EFDark chocolate brown. Trends $15 *$10.00
1882HObv. 2 Double SerifICCS-NCC EF40-EF45From an earlier ICCS collection. Strong detail in Victoria's portrait. Problem free. Cert. # FR 795 *$15.00
1884Obverse 1PCGS EF45Dark chocolate brown. SCARCE. Trends $750 **$635.00
1884Obverse 1CCCS-NCC VF30A Canadian Key cent with attractive dark chocolate brown - both sides. Has a minor light bump between the top of the Queen's eyebrow and the front of her upper forehead - not distracting. Trends $400 **$260.00
1884Obv. 2NCC EF45Dark chocolate brown. 1 carbon above the 'C' in 'VICTORIA'. Trends $25 *$14.00
1884Obv. 2NCC VG +A nice, original, problem free VG *$6.00
1886Obv. 1NCC VG - FMedium chocolate brown. Trends $18 *$15.00
1887CCCS-NCC MS62 Clnd-MS62 ClndLooks like an original red; but it's colour is slightly off.. Still very attractive. Est. $80. ** $45.00
1890HCCCS-NCC MS64 RBVery attractive with an even steel-blue and orange-red frost on both sides. Sharp Obv. strike. Est. $380 - **$300.00
1890 HNCC VF20Dark chocolate brown. Has a small carbon to the right of 'DEI'. Trends $25 *$17.00
1891SDLL Obv. 3aPCGS AU55Another KEY to the Victoria cent series. Even, dark chocolate brown. Est. $840 **$690.00
1891LLLD Obv. 3NCC MS64 RED90%/95% Gold-red. Obv. has hints of orange-red in devices and steel-blue in centre. Trends $1100 *$785.00
1891LLLD Obv. 2CCCS-NCC AU55-AU55Dark chocolate brown. At first glance it could pass as an MS 62 or 63. Trends $130. **$90.00
1891LLLD Obv. 2ICCS VF30Dark chocolate brown and problem free. Trends $37. RE 299 *$25.00
1891LLLD Obv. 2NCC VG 10Problem free  - light chocolate brown. Est. $10 *$7.00
1892Obv. 4NCC VF20Dark chocolate brown. Trends $18 *$12.00
1893CCCS-NCC MS65 RED-MS66 M. RED75%/80% RED. Strong cartwheel frost and appeal on both sides and with no carbons. Only one trace contact mark visible to the eye on Reverse. Newcan grade MS66 Mostly Red. Est. $1400 ** $1,085.00
1893Triple Punch 9CCCS-NCC AU55-AU58Dark chocolate-brown. Eyelid is fully intact. Est. as an AU55 $1250. **$985.00
1893Triple Punch 9CCCS-NCC F12-F12Not designated as a Triple Punch 9; but it clearly is. Est. $225. **$165.00
1893ICCS MS60 Brn.Dark chocolate brown. 1 spot at top right of the 'N' in 'ONE'. Est. $75 *$54.00
1895NCC AU50Dark chocolate brown. No detractive scratches, digs or carbon. Trends $50 *$32.00
1895NCC VF30Dark chocolate brown. Trends $25 *$18.00
1895NCC VF25Dark chocolate brown. Trends $22 *$15.00
1896NCC AU55 Clnd.Almost complete detail at the eye, in the hair and on the crown. At first glance it looks much like an RB 63 or 62; but it has been doctored. For the budget minded collector who wants sharp detail and a soft price or as a learning tool for cleaning detection. Est. $20 *$12.00
1897NCC Unc. Thumb RubNice frost and well struck. Looks like a medium chocolate brown Unc.; but it has been thumb rubbed. Est. $50 *$35.00
1898HHigh HCCCS-NCC AU55 Trace Corrosion & TR. RDNewcan is unable to see the ' Trace Corrosion ';but hints of red are still in devices. **POR
1898HHigh HCCCS-NCC EF45-EF45Dark chocolate-brown. Queen's eyelid still showing. Est. $50 ??? ** $35.00
1898HHigh HNCC Fine 12Problem free, medium chocolate brown. Trends $15 *$10.00
1898HLow HCCCS-NCC VG10A decent Obverse;but the Reverse ' CENT 1898 ' is just visible. **POR
1899CCCS-NCC MS66 Lustrous Brn.-MS66 LBFull strike. Obv. is a beautiful violet-blue & dark purple with ultra heavy frost. Rev. is a dark frosty brown. Surfaces are Gem + with no spotting. Est. $850 *$565.00
1900PlainCCCS-NCC MS65 RB-MS65 RB70%/55% Rich orange-red. One trace contact barely visible with a glass, below the 'EN' of 'CENT'. Many would assess surfaces as 66. Perfectly balanced, w. strong frost & appeal, both sides. Est. $3850 **$2,865.00
1900PlainCCCS-NCC AU58-AU58Dark chocolate-brown. Many would grade as MS62 oe 63 BRN. AU58 Trends $150. **$115.00
1900PlainCCCS-NCC AU50Dark chocolate-brown with eyelid and hair very clear and well defined. Many would grade as AU55 or better. Trends $90. **$70.00
1900PlainCCCS-NCC EF40-EF40+Dark chocolate brown. Eyelid clear and all jewels in crown clear. Est. $55 **$40.00
1901ICCS MS62 RB60% Red. Graded on the button. Attractive, even red & brown. Trends $70 *$48.00
1901NCC AU58Light chocolate brown with considerable red still remaining. Trends $37 *$27.00
1904NCC AU55Original and still frosty; but it has a one carbon spot on each side. Est. $20 *$12.00
1905NCC EF45Dark chocolate brown. Problem free. Trends $22 *$16.00
1906CCCS-NCC MS65 Lus. Tr. Rd.Very strong bluish brown Obv. frost. Rev. has strong eye appeal and blue-brown frost on highpoints with deep lilac-red in devices. Est. $500. **  $365.00
1906NCC AU Clnd.An unc. coin if not for the cleaning. Est. $10 *$6.00
1907HCCCS-NCC MS63 RBNicely balanced with 50% Red in devices and frosty bluish-brown in Obverse and Reverse centres. An affordable, attractive Key. Est. $500 **$385.00
1907HCCCS-NCC AU58-MS60 Trace. Rd.KEY DATE. Even medium to dark chocolate brown - both sides. Est. $160 **$120.00
1908Gold Plated Jeweler's CreationNCC UNC.Very sharp with all the gold plating intact except for one small flake above crown. **$75.00
1908CCCS-NCC MS62 Clnd.-MS62 Clnd..Almost looks like an original blazing red cent; but it has been cleaned - still quite attractive. Est. $50. **$30.00
1909NCC MS60 Clnd.Cleaned and retoned a bright orange-red. Est. $27 *$15.00
1911CCCS MS63 RED95%/100% Gold-red. Strong frost on Obverse and ultra heavy frost on Reverse which is a couple of minor contacts from Gem. Trends Est. $110 **$65.00
1913CCCS-NCC MS65 RB-MS65 RB60%/90% Golden-red. Very well struck with Gem surfaces, nice frost and strong appeal. Est. $400 **$285.00
1913NCC AU58 Tr. Rd.Nice lustre and could also have been graded AU58 Brown & Red. Est. $35 *$23.00
1914ICCS AU55 Clnd.Cleaned but still looks nice. Est. $20 **$12.00
1915NCC AU58 Lustrous Tr. Rd.Frosty with lots of red in Reverse devices and dark chocolate-brown on Obverse. Est. $30 *$22.00
1915NCC MS62 Clnd.Has the appearance of a natural higher grade with 70% red; but with subdued frost. Estimated as an MS60 $40 *$22.00
1916CCCS-NCC MS62 RD-MS62 RD85%/80% Red. Decent frost, especially on Obverse. Trends $70. **$57.00
1917NCC MS62 RB50% Red. 1 small carbon at the tip of the 'A' in 'GRA:' Trends $30 *$18.00
1917NCC MS62 Tr. Rd.Rev. rims are a little rough. Est. $25 *$13.00
1917ICCS MS60 Brn. Scrs.Traces of original red on both sides, especially Rev. and the scratches are not obvious to the eye **$8.00
1918ANACS MS65 RD100%/90% Gold-red frost. A very underrated date Trends - $450. **$335.00
1918CCCS-NCC MS65 RB-MS65+ RBVery heavy frost and strike with enhancing, even 75%/40% Red. 1918 is the most underrated date of the George V large cents **$240.00
1918NCC MS62 Brown RubbedLightly thumb rubbed but still looks attractive. $20 *$10.00
1920LargeNCC MS62 Lust. Tr. Rd.Lustrous purple-brown with traces of red in devices. Trends $35 *$23.00
1920LargeNCC AU50 Tr. Rd.Trace red in devices. Balanced and attractive - a pleasing AU50 or 53. Trends $10 *$6.00
1920SmallNCC MS63 Lust. Brn.Dark chocolate with nice frost. Est. $25 *$16.00
1922PCGS MS64 RB80%/75% Gold-red with traces of orange-red in centre of Reverse. Very frosty, attractive and scarce. Many would call it Red. Estimate - $3200 **$2,350.00
1922Near RimNCC VF35 +A strong horizontal band in crown with 6 clear pearls and a strong centre diamond. Lots of mint frost remains.Est. $9.00. **$7.00
1924NCC Fine 12Horizontal band in crown not worn through. A little dirt in devices. Trends $12 *$7.00
1926CCCS-NCC MS64 RED - MS64+ RED100%/95% GOLD RED ! Both sides are very well struck. The King's beard, mustache, eye and ear are well defined and ALL crown details are razor sharp. There are no carbon spots and both sides display strong, enhancing cartwheel frost. Newcan feels that this piece could be seen as an MS65 RED by many advanced copper collectors **  $3,000.00
1926NCC AEFFull horizontal band in King's crown with all jewels clear except the second pair from the front. Dark chocolate brown. Est. $18 *$13.00
1926NCC VF25Medium chocolate brown. Horizontal crown bamd is unbroken. Trends $15 *$11.00
1927CCCS-NCC MS65 RB-MS65 + RBUltra heavy bluish-brown frost with trace red in Obv. devices & on Rev. fields. Superb strike. NO Reverse contacts at all. Newcan grade MS65+ Brown & Red. Est. $2350 **$1,645.00
1927CCCS-NCC MS64 RB-MS64 BN & RDStrong frost and strike. Cobalt blue and red. Obv. is perfectly balanced. Reverse is left-right steel-blue and red. Est. $475 **$335.00
1929CCCS-NCC MS65 RED-MS65 + RED95% Gold-red. Nice appeal. Razor sharp strike on both sides with excellent 65+ surfaces. Very strong cartwheel frost. Trends for 95% Red $1750 **$1,400.00
1929CCCS-NCC MS64 RED-MS64 ++ RED75%/90% Red. Well struck, balanced and attractive. A couple of hidden, trace contacts from Gem. **$290.00
1929High 9NCC VG Scrs. Obv.Heavy scratches on Obverse; but definitely a High Nine *$10.00
1930CCCS-NCC MS65 RB-MS65 Mostly Red75% Gold & orange-red. Ultra heavy cartwheel frost - both sides. Excellent, balanced eye appeal. Surfaces are 65 + with a few trace contacts visible with a magnifying glass. One of the prettiest we've ever offered of this Semi-Key date and very close to MS66 RB. Est. - $1950 **$1,475.00
1930CCCS-NCC MS65 RB-MS65 Lustrous RB45%/60%. Very heavy golden-brown frost. Superb strike. Gem surfaces and strong appeal. Est. - $1350 **$985.00
1932NCC MS63 Lust.. Brn.Nice strike and appeal. Very heavy bluish-brown frost. Obv. has 1 light carbon below 'IND'. Est.- $50.00 *$32.00
1932NCC Unc. Clnd.At first glance it appears to have frosty attractive Red & Brown on both sides. Obverse is very nice; but the Reverse is cleaned. Est. $15 *$10.00
1933CCCS-NCC MS65 RB-MS65 RB/RED45%/90% Red. Very frosty steel-blue centre Obverse with red in devices. Reverse has heavy frost and bright gold-red in centre and orange-red in devices. Razor sharp strike. No carbons or distracting contacts on either side. Est. $375 **$285.00
1934CCCS-NCC MS66 RED-MS66 RED100%/95% Ultra heavy gold-red frost. Razor sharp strike - especially on Obv. & NO SPOTS ! The nicest 1934 that Newcan has listed or seen. ! ! ! **$5,200.00
1937NCC MS65 RED90%/95% Red. Trends $65 *$40.00
1937ICCS MS64 RED90% Gold-red. Has a few modest carbons on each side. Est. with 95% Red $40. From an earlier ICCS collection with certification number NL 674 **  $15.00
1938CCCS-NCC MS65 FULL RD100% Orange-red with very heavy frost. Would have been graded 66 but for a small minor carbon to the left of the number ' 1 ' in date. Est. $90 **$60.00
1938NCC MS64 RED95%/100% Orange-red. Trends $30 *$22.00
1938NCC MS64 RED100%/85% Red. Trends $30 *$21.00
1938NCC MS64 RED85%/80% Red. Trends $30 *$18.00
1938NCC MS65 RB60% Red. Gem surfaces. Est. $25 *$16.00
1938CCCS-ICCS MS65 RD-MS65 RD100% blazing gold-red. Has one very small Reverse spot, at the bottom left of the number ' 1 ' in date. Trends with FULL RED $110. ** $60.00
1938NCC MS63 RED85% Red. Trends $15 *$10.00
1939CCCS-NCC MS66 RED-MS66 ++ RED100% Blazing gold-red - both sides. One light Obverse contact from MS67. Great eye appeal. Trends $275 **$225.00
1939CCCS-NCC MS66 RD-MS66 RD95% Gold-red. Perfect for a George VI Type Set. Trends $275 **$185.00
1939NCC MS65 FULL REDFull blazing orange-red. Est. $48 *$35.00
1939NCC MS65 RED90% orange-red. Trends $40 *$26.00
1939NCC MS64+/66 REDFULL RED. The Reverse is perfect with ZERO contacts or spots; but the MS64 Obverse; although 100% Red has one minor carbon in front of the King's hair *$20.00
1939NCC MS64 RED95% Gold-red. Trends $15 *$10.00
1939NCC MS64 RED85% Orange-red. Trends $15 *$10.00
1940ICCS-NCC MS65 RED-MS65 ++ RED100% Blazing yellow-gold frost - both sides. Reverse is 66 +. Absolutely, carbon free ! From an older ICCS collection.  Trends value with FULL RED $90 VM 131 **$75.00
1940ICCS MS65 RED85%/95% Gold-red. Trends $60. Traces of toning in the hair above the ear. An early ICCS certification SK 192 Trends $60. **$34.00
1941CCCS-NCC MS65 RB-MS65 RB35%/70% Red. A tough date in an advanced grade. Est. $225 **$165.00
1942CCCS-NCC MS66 RB-MS66 RBWell struck with 45%/25% red. Obverse has strong eye appeal with frosty pale blue in centre and deep orange-red in devices. Reverse has a balanced mix of blue & red.   Est. $500 **$365.00
1943CCCS-NCC MS66 RED-MS66 RED100% Bright orange-gold red. Ultra heavy frost and NO CARBON anywhere. Has one tiny sliver of missing copper between the dentical edge and the bottom of the inverted letter 'P' in 'IMP' - not distracting. Est. $3000 **   $2,225.00
1943ICCS-NCC MS65 RED-MS65 RED100%/95% Orange-red. An early ICCS 2 letter certification (NH870) , semi-key date in advanced grade and with strong Obverse eye appeal. Trends $250 **$190.00
1943CCCS-NCC MS65 RED-MS65 RED95% Frosty orange-red. A bright and appealing Semi-Key. Trends $250 **$185.00
1943CCCS-NCC MS65 RB-MS65 MR/RD75%/95% Bright orange-red in centre of both sides with peripheral highlights of pale blue in devices.  Est. $200 **$140.00
1943CCCS-NCC MS65 RB-MS65+ RD75% Orange-red. A high end 65 with lots of eye appeal and an undergraded Reverse. Est. $150 **$120.00
1943ICCS-NCC MS65 RED-MS65 RB60% Orange-red. No carbons and well struck. Trends $250. AG 055 **$120.00
1943ICCS MS64 RD100%/80% Gold-red. Reverse has several detractive carbons. Trends $60. ** $20.00
1944Type 1CCCS-NCC MS66 RB-MS66 RBUltra heavy cartwheel frost with balanced lime-green in periphery and orange-red in centre. This is one of the prettiest and rarest cents Newcan has ever offered.  Reactive trace elements in the blanks of the later war years caused an accelerated rate of patination for 1943, 1945 and especially 1944. This is why it is so difficult to locate 1944 cents in red. Newcan has been studying and buying this date for well over 35 years. It should come as no surpise that the Canadian Mint did not place a high priority for the usual precise elemental tests to be performed on the penny blanks just prior to the return of thousands of war weary soldiers who were eager to marry, have children and start jobs. The cent had considerable buying power in those days and millions of them were being produced in Canada to satisfy demand as the war drew to a welcome close. Newcan has also been looking for any Newfoundland 1944 cent in MS65 RED - no luck so far. It is interesting to note that the Royal Canadian Mint also produced the entire run of the Newfoundland 1944c cents - very likely, from the same blanks, with the same elemental contents and with the same amazing, colourful and speedy patination results. Millions of tons of copper lay across the planet as spent ammunition and equipment. Copper was a high demand element during the war and immediately afterward to rebuild destroyed infrastructre and produce traditional small value coinage for the many jump starting economies. History would appear to agree that after and during many wars - the care and purity of coinage production was often tossed out the window. Poor quality and often debased coins were common through the centuries during times of war and pronounced social unrest. MS65 Red 1944 Canada cents have surfaced during the last 10 years and I recall about 25 years ago that one MS65 RED sold that was very close to 95% or better. The very few certified 65 Reds that have made it to the market recently may have had 70% - 90% Red; but to the best of my knowledge none have been advertized or sold with 100% Red - both sides. I believe there are 2 distinct production and strike types of the Canadian 1944 cents. The type with pronounced trace elements; which I have arbitrarily labelled as Type 2, has a very heavy strike. It usually displays ultra smooth surfaces with strong spinning carwheel frost and a typically wine-red colouration. Other colours, also present with this type are not uncommon. Some examples of this Type also display a series of raised ridges at the back of the jaw-line - possibly due to trace die-slide occuring at the coin centre where striking pressure was possibly a bit stronger than the surrounding design elements. Also occuring occasionally on Type 2's - a small mole-like bump on the high point of the Queen's cheek; likely caused by a very small indentation or pit on the die. Newcan has been looking for a Type 2 with 100% RED since the early to mid 80's; but I have never seen one. The other type; which I have labelled as Type 1 has somewhat coarser surfaces, likely casued by a softer strike. **        $5,000.00
1944Type 1CCCS-NCC MS65 RED95% Bright orange-red. Premium eye appeal and flashing cartwheel lustre. A true rarity in this pristine condition. **$3,450.00
1944Type 1CCCS-NCC MS65 RED100%/75% RED. Obverse has ultra heavy frost and pale pink-red. Reverse is a deep orange-red with frost throughout and heavy frost at the right edge. Trends $3750 ** $3,450.00
1944Type 2CCCS-NCC MS65 RED-MS65 + REDBright 90% Wine-red on both sides. An easy MS65 RED with strong eye appeal. Trends for MS65 Red are $3750. A weak MS65 went in a well known Canadian auction for over $4000 !!! This piece has the typical indicators of a Type 2 - a small mole like bump at the high point of the King's cheek and the small strike-slide stress lines at the back of the King's jaw. **  $3,450.00
1944Type 1ICCS MS65 RED80%/65% Orange-red. Has a 1/3 of a moon crescent of dark steel-blue and blue-green toning on the bottom right of Reverse ** $2,350.00
1944Type 1CCCS-NCC MS65 RB-MS65 RBBright orange-red on both sides - 85%/70%. Obverse has very strong eye appeal with just a hint of pale blue in the centre of the Knig's effigy. No visible contacts on either side. Reverse has a cresent of heavier frost in the right-hand periphery. If not for that minor drawback this piece would grade MS66 RB. Est. $2850 ** $2,300.00
1944Type 1CCCS-NCC MS65 RB65% Gold-red with just a hint of pale blue on the King's effigy. 2 tiny contacts below the ' I ' in ' VI ' prevent a grade of MS66 RB. Est. $2850 ** $2,300.00
1944Type 1CCCS-NCC MS65 RB-MS65 RB55%/75% Red. A borderline Red with strong eye appeal. If the Obverse was a touch more red it would have graded MS65 RED. Est. as it is $2850 ** $2,200.00
1944Type 1CCCS-NCC MS65 RB-MS65 RBTHE KEY George VI cent in an easy MS65 with 45%/35% Red. Est. $1600 ** $1,300.00
1944Type 1CCCS-NCC MS65 RB-MS65 RB55%/40% Red with just a touch of pale blue on King's effigy. Est. $1600 **$1,300.00
1944Type 1CCCS-NCC MS65 Tr. Rd. -MS66 Tr. Rd.Perfect, balanced magenta-blue toning on both sides. Est. $1600 ** 93668 93669$1,250.00
1944Type 1CCCS-ICCS MS64 RD-MS64 RED100% RED and VERY RARE like this. Newcan specializes in Canadian and Maritime copper and we have only had 2 - 1944's FULL ORANGE RED since 1985. this piece is in a hard CCCS holder at the request of the consignor; the original grade was ICCS MS64 RED # TT 909 **$750.00
1944Type 1CCCS-NCC MS64 RED-MS64 RED70%/95% Red. Nice frost, balance and eye appeal. Est. $350 - $500 ** 93665$275.00
1944Type 1CCCS-NCC MS64 RD.60%/70% Deep orange-red. Nice cartwheel frost on both sides.. Est. $350. ** 93666$265.00
1944Obv. 1CCCS-NCC MS64 RB/MS64 RDA balanced attractive Key date with 45%/75% Wine-red. Est. $250 ** 114064$185.00
1944Type 2CCCS-NCC MS64RD-MS64 RD75% Fiery orange-red. Has 2 small stains at 6:00 o'clock Obverse edge. If the Obverse were pristine Trends $350 Est. $250 ** $145.00
1945CCCS-NCC MS65 RED-MS65 FULL RED100 % BLAZING GOLD RED. An absolute monster GEM. Reverse is 66 Full Red ! **$1,100.00
1945CCCS-NCC MS65 RED-MS65 RED90%/90% Sunset-fire red. Eye appeal on both sides & especially on Rev. Obv. has 5 tiny raised denticles in front of George's mouth from Die clashing. A beauty ! **$450.00
1945CCCS-NCC MS65 RED-MS65 RED90% Gold & orange-red. Has a couple of flattened denticles at the 5:40 o'clock Obverse edge ; but a beauty nonetheless. Trends $500 **$400.00
1945CCCS-NCC MS65 RB-MS65 RB65% Fiery sunset red. Semi-key and very attractive on both sides and especially on Obverse. Est. $275 **  $190.00
1945CCCS-NCC MS65 RB-MS65 RB50% Deep orange-red with highlights of blue-green and magenta. Est. $235 **$180.00
1946CCCS-NCC MS66 RED-MS66 RED80%/85%  Bright orange-red. A RARE cent in this advanced grade. Trends $1200 ** $985.00
1946CCCS-NCC MS65 RD-MS65 RD75%/85% Rich fire-orange red. Trends $100. **$78.00
1947CCCS-NCC MS66 RED-MS66 RED100% Blazing bright orange-red on both sides. Reverse on its own would grade MS67 RED. 100% Red Estimate $600 **$485.00
1947CCCS-NCC MS66 RD-MS66 RD95% Bright orange-red with strong cartwheel frost. Trends $400. **$300.00
1947CCCS-NCC MS66 RD-MS66 RD90% Orange-red. Heavy frost and no carbons. Trends $400. **$285.00
1947CCCS-ICCS MS65 RD.90% Bright orange-red and problem free. Est. $70 **$53.00
1947CCCS-ICCS MS65 RED/RB90% Red.Trends $70. **$50.00
1947NCC MS64 FULL RED100% Orange-red $25 *$18.00
1947NCC MS64 RED85% Orange-red. Trends $20 *$14.00
1947NCC MS65 RB60%/30% Red. Blue-green in Reverse devices *$10.00
1947Maple Leaf Pointed 7CCCS-NCC MS65 RD-MS65 RD100%/95% Bright orange-red. Has a few very small and light carbons on Reverse. Trends $120. **$90.00
1948A At Small Denticle Wanted in high grade *POR
1948A To Small DenticleCCCS-NCC MS63 Lustrous BrnObverse is a frosty, even bluish-brown and Reverse is trace red with blue-brown overtones. Very Scarce. **$210.00
1948A To DenticleCCCS-ICCS MS65 RED-MS65 RED100% RED. Both the Canadian Certification companies have graded this beauty as MS65 RED and Newcan Coins and Currency grades it as MS65 + FULL RED. A few trace contacts from 66 RED and with great eye appeal. It is worth noting that the Reverse of this 1948 A To is identical to the soft strike on all the 1949 A To cents. Newcan's unproven supposition is that the final 1948 Reverse Die was A To and to eliminate work the same Die was used to produce the early run of A To Denticle 1949's **$600.00
1948A Between DenticlesCCCS-NCC MS64 RD-MS64 RD100% Bright orange-red. At first glance it looks to be a Gem; but a close look detects very light MS64 contact. As per the Trends recommendation below each valuation table 100% Red estimate $125. **$80.00
1949A To DenticleCCCS-NCC MS66 RD-MS66 RDEXTREMELY RARE & sure to be the highlight in a CONNOISEUR set of George VI Cents.The Stewart Blay MS66 RED example went for $13200 Canadian Funds. This piece has the typical Reverse strike that occurs with the 1949 A To Denticle and the 1948 A To Denticle - slightly weak in the centre of the Reverse leaves. Every example of the A To Denticle. 48 & 49 that Newcan has looked during this last decade, is the same - ie weak Reverse centre of leaves. This characteristic would appear to be a typical feature of these 2 dates only and occurs in all examples. **$12,000.00
1949A To DenticleCCCS-ICCS AU50Dark chocolate brown & attractive. From an early ICCS collection. The ICCS KC 285 grading certificate is included. **$40.00
1949A To DenticleICCS-NCC VF20-VF20Dark brown and problem free. An early ICCS certification - DJ 300$20.00
1949A Between DenticlesCCCS-ICCS MS65 RD-MS65 RD100%/95% Bright orange-red. An early ICCS cert. number - WE 445. Trends $50. **$40.00
1950CCCS-NCC MS66 RD-MS66 RD100 % Blazing gold-red. A strong MS66. Trends $1000. **  $800.00
1950CCCS-NCC MS65 RD-MS65 RD95%/90% Orange-red. Has 2 light spots on Obverse - one is in the King's hair and one is between the 'A' and 'T' in 'GRATIA'. Bright gold-red. Trends $75. ** $55.00
1950NCC MS65 RED95%/90% Bright orange-red. Except for a few very minor Obv. carbons it would have been an easy 66. Zero contacts on Reverse and just 2 on the Obverse - one trace mark behind the Knigs head and one well hidden on his cheek. Trends $60 *$37.00
1950NCC MS64 REDFull Red. Est. $20 *$13.00
1950NCC MS63 RED95% Bright orange-red. Trends $12 *$8.00
1951CCCS-NCC MS65 RED-MS65+ FULL RED100% Blazing gold-red with ultra heavy frost - both sides, especially Obverse. We have had 3 1951's in MS66 RED in the past and none of them surpassed the blast eye appeal of this GEM + **$300.00
1951CCCS-NCC MS65 RED-MS65+ REDSuperb - 100% Blast orange-red. Graded on the button and very close to MS66. A full strike, eye appeal GEM **$185.00
1951CCCS-ICCS MS65 RD-MS65 + RD100% Bright orange-red. Very slight Obverse contact prevents MS66. Both certifications could be described as Full Red. Estimate - $300 **$165.00
1951CCCS-NCC MS65 RED-MS65 RED95%/100% Gold-red. No contact showing on either side. 2 very small carbons on Obverse prevent MS66 Red. Still an eye appeal Semi-key and correctly graded. Trends for 95% Red $260 **$140.00
1951CCCS-ICCS MS64 RD-MS64 FULL RED100% Bright gold-red on both sides. No carbons and just a shade too much Obverse contact for the GEM grade. Reverse is at least 66 RED. Original ICCS PD 982 certificate included. **$40.00
1951CCCS-ICCS MS64 RED-MS65 RED95% Orange-red. From an early ICCS collection. Est. $50 ICCS Grading ticket PD 982 included.**$34.00
1951ICCS-NCC MS64 REDFrom an early ICCS collection. 85%/95% Red. Has a gentle band of light tone in the lower legends of Obv. This coin has been removed from the ICCS holder - the ICCS MS 64 RED grading ticket RT 361 is enclosed. Trends - $40 **$20.00
1952CCCS-NCC MS66 RD-MS66 RD100% Blazing gold-red. An absolute beauty with heavy frost and strong eye appeal. 10% - 15% Rotated Die Trends $1000 **$835.00
1952CCCS-NCC MS66 RD-MS66 RD95% Orange-red and very frosty. Trends $1000. **$725.00
1952CCCS-NCC MS66 RD-MS66 RD85%/95% Fire-red/Gold-red. Trends $1000.**$685.00
1952CCCS-NCC MS66 RD-MS66 RD100% Gold-red. Has a small carbon on the top end of the ' S ' in ' GEORGIVS ' Trends $1000 **$650.00
1952CCCS-NCC MS65-MS65100% Blazing gold-red. A couple of tiny contacts from MS66. Trends $60. **$53.00
1952ICCS-NCC MS65 RD-MS65 RD95%/100% Gold-red. An excellent piece for Type or Date. Trends $60. **$48.00
1952ICCS-NCC MS65 RD-MS66 RD90%/100% Bright orange-red. From an old ICCS collection WE 252. Trends $60. ** $45.00
1952CCCS-ICCS MS65 RD-MS65 RD90% Deep orange-red with a Reverse of a higher grade. Graded the same by both companies.Trends $60.**$40.00
1952ICCS-NCC MS64 RED-MS64 RBFrosty with hints of blue-green in periphery. Newcan grade MS64 RB. MS64 RED Trends $20. VF 244 **$13.00
1954SSCCCS-NCC PL66 RB-PL66 + RBBeautiful magenta red with overtones of blue-green. A high end 66. **$185.00
1955SSNCC PL64 REDHas a light cameo. 80% Red. Est. $30 *$20.00
1955No Shoulder FoldCCCS-ICCS MS63 RB-MS63 RBVery well balanced with 55%/70% Red. Underrated in Trends. Has the look & appeal of a higher grade. **$3,500.00
1957CCCS-NCC PL68 RD - PL68 RDSUPERB in all respects with 95% Fire-red and heavy spinning lustre on both sides. **  $785.00
1957CCCS-NCC PL67 RED-PL67 REDBeautiful orange-red colour and spinning cartwheel lustre. Est. $200. **$145.00
1965Variety 4 - Large Beads Pointed 5CCCS-NCC MS66 RD-MS66 RD90%/100% Red. Bright orange-red on both sides with hints of magenta on Obverse. Charlton lists MS66 Red at $1300 and Trends is left blank. ** $1,175.00
1966CCCS-ICCS MS66 RD-MS66 RDFULL  Blazing orange-red. A last example from the same early ICCS group. Trends $60. **$45.00
1966ICCS-NCC MS65 RD-MS66 RDLooks like an undergrade to Newcan. Just one very small Obverse carbon visible with a magnifying glass - this early ICCS looks better than MS65. **$20.00
1967CCCS-NCC MS66 RD-MS66 RDFull blazing red. Trend $60. **$48.00
1968CCCS-ICCS MS66 RD-MS66 RD+ Blazing RedBLAZING FULL RED with ultra heavy frost. Est. $60 - $100 ** $60.00
1968ICCS-NCC MS65 RD-MS66 + RDFull Red. Too busy to send it in again - looks like an MS66 to Newcan. MS65 Trends $20. **$15.00
1969CCCS-NCC MS67 RD-MS67 RD100% Blazing gold-red. A flawless GEM for Date or Type. **$335.00
1970ICCS-NCC MS65 RD-MS65 RDTrends $20. **$12.00
1971CCCS-NCC MS67 RD-MS67 RD100% Blazing orange-red. A superb cent for an advanced Date or Type set. ** $285.00
1972CCCS-NCC MS66 REDFULL RED - no carbons and only one trace contact visible with a magnifying glass. **$50.00
1973CCCS-NCC MS66 RD-MS66 RBOrange-red centre and pale blue in periphery. It seems foolish with a superb, balanced, dual colour to bother with a designation of Red or RB. Est. Some RB's are prettier than Red. **$45.00
1974ICCS-NCC MS65 RD-MS65 RD95% Orange-red. Trends $20. **$14.00
1978Numismatic BU (PL)ICCS-NCC Num. BU 67An early ICCS certification (YJ 765) of a high grade PL (Numismatic BU) Charlton - $30. **$22.00
1979CCCS-NCC MS67 RD-MS67 RD100% Full blazing red. For an advanced Date or Type set. **$235.00
1979Numismatic BUICCS-NCC NUM BU 66 RDFull Red. An early ICCS certification TR 849. Charlton - $15. **$11.00
1982CCCS-NCC MS67 RD-MS67 RD100% Gold-red with superb cartwheel frost and no spotting or visible contacts. **  $185.00
1984ICCS-NCC PF66 RED Ultra Cam.-PF 66 RED Ultra Cam.Full red and Full Cameo. For the cost of the certification **$9.00
1985Blunt 5ICCS-NCC SP67 RED-SP67 REDFull Red. From an earlier ICCS collection. Cert # UK 519. ** $15.00
1985Blunt 5ICCS-NCC MS64-MS64 RED85% Bright orange-red. From an earlier ICCS collection. Cert # EI 740. **$10.00
1988ICCS-NCC MS64 REDFULL RED. From an earlier ICCS collection. Cert. # DU 938. Priced at the certification cost **$10.00
1998ICCS-NCC MS64 RED-MS64 RED95% RED. From an earlier ICCS collection. Cert # IH 760. Priced at the certification cost.  **$10.00
1999ICCS-NCC Num BU MS66 RED-Num BU MS66 REDFULL RED. From an earlier ICCS Collection. Cert. # CI 244.**$15.00
2000ICCS-NCC MS65 RD-MS65 RDA Full Red certified MS65 - ICCS # MY 606. ** $20.00
2000Numismatic BUICCS-NCC Num BU MS66 RD-Num BU MS66 RDFULL RED. From an earlier ICCS collection. Cert. # QE 165.**$15.00
2000 WICCS-NCC Num BU MS67 RD-Num BU MS67 RDFULL RED. From an earlier ICCS collection. Cert. # AN 594. Trends $40 **$30.00
2001ICCS MS65 REDFull RED. Trends $15. **$10.00
2002ICCS-NCC MS66 RED-MS66 REDFULL RED. From an earlier ICCS collection. Cert. # DO 151. Trends $35. **$28.00
2003PNew Effigy - MagneticICCS-NCC MS65 RED-MS65 REDFULL RED. From an earlier ICCS collection. Cert. # HZ 540. Trends $15. **$10.00
2003Old Effigy - Gold Plated MLICCS-NCC PF67 RED Ultra Cameo-PF67 RED Ultra CameoULTRA CAMEO FULL RED. From an earlier ICCS collection. Cert. # YW 782. **$35.00
2003Old Effigy - Non MagneticICCS-NCC MS65 RED-MS66 REDFULL RED. From an earlier ICCS collection. Cert. # IK 200. Trends $20. **$14.00
2003New Effigy - Non MagneticICCS-NCC MS65 RED-MS65 REDFULL RED. From an earlier ICCS collection. Cert. # HZ 554. Trends $15.**$10.00
2003 WPNew Effigy WP MagneticICCS-NCC MS65 REDFULL RED. From an earlier ICCS collection. Cert. # FQ 872. Priced at the certification cost **$10.00
2003 PNew Portrait - P - Non-MagneticNCC NC GemFULL RED Magnetic. Charlton $15. **$11.00
2004Non MagneticICCS-NCC MS66 RED-MS66 REDFULL RED. From an earlier ICCS collection. Cert. # RQ 766. Trends $30. ** $20.00
2004PMagneticICCS-NCC MS65 RED-MS65 REDFULL RED. From an earlier ICCS collection. Cert. # FP 644. Trends $15. **$10.00
2005Non-magneticICCS-NCC MS65 RED-MS65 REDFULL RED. From an earlier ICCS collection. Cert. # DG 644. Trends $15. **$10.00
2005PMagneticICCS-NCC Num BU MS66 RED-Num BU MS66 REDFULL RED. From an earlier ICCS collection. Cert. # RJ 477. Trends $15. **$10.00
2006Non Magnetic - No LogoICCS-NCC PR 67 RED Ultra Cameo-PF67 RED Ultra CameoFULL RED. From an earlier ICCS collection. Cert. # CB 663. Est. $40. **$28.00
2006Logo MagneticICCS-NCC MS65 RED-MS65 REDFULL RED. From an earlier ICCS collection. Cert. # QP 795. Trends $20. **$14.00
2006Non MagneticICCS-NCC MS65 RED-MS 66 REDFULL RED. From an earlier ICCS collection. Cert. # FP 974. Trends $15. **$10.00
2006Logo Non MagneticICCS-NCC MS65 RED-MS65 REDFULL RED. From an earlier ICCS collection.Cert. # RQ 768. Trends $15. **$10.00
2007Logo MagneticICCS MS66 REDFull Red. Trends $30. IH 824. Charlton $30. **$22.00
2007Logo MagneticICCS-NCC Num BU MS66 RED-Num BU MS66 REDFULL RED. From an earlier ICCS collection.Cert. # OA 071. Trends. $15. **$10.00
2008Logo MagneticICCS-NCC MS65 RED-MS65 RED100% Red. From an earlier ICCS collection. With Mint Logo Cert. # CS 402. Priced at the certification cost. **$10.00
2010Logo Non MagneticICCS-NCC MS66 RED-MS66 RED100% Red. From an earlier ICCS collection. Cert. # UL 794 and KO 259. Trends $30. **$22.00
2011Logo Non MagneticICCS-NCC MS66 RED-MS66 REDFULL RED. From an earlier ICCS collection. Cert. # YR 728 Trends $30. **$22.00


Canada Five Cents (134)

Date Variety Grading Agency Grade Description price
1858Large DateNCC A. Good Clnd.Still in its Bob Armstrong holder. Est. $75 *$40.00
1870FRNCC G6/4All Obv. lettering, rim and Queen's profile visible. Rev. -'CE' of 'CENTS' and '18' of date - both - well worn. Est $18 *$11.00
1872HWide Date Blunt 7CCCS-NCC AU50-AU53Strong frost and well struck. Light gold tone in devices. Trends $250 - $325 *$175.00
1880HObv. 3 Struck Over Obverse DelaminationCCCS-NCC AU50-AU53Medium gray-gold tone on both sides. Has a fantastic strike, especially on Obv.and an interesting and natural delamination on neck - not distracting to the eye. AU50 Trends $225. ** $135.00
1880HObv. 2NCC Good 6Lightly toned in devices. Has some light spotting in the lower Rev. leaves, Trends $35 Scarce *$17.00
1880HObv. 3NCC Good 6Light toning. Trends $8. **$5.00
1881HCCCS-NCC AU50-AU50Even light blue & trace red. Both sides - nice appeal & frost. Trends $250. **$175.00
1881HNCC Good 6Light tone. Some scrs. on Obv. - visible with glass. Trends $10 *$6.00
1882HNCC Good 6/4Light even tone - both sides. Date is very clear. Est. $10.00 *$6.00
1884Near Pointed 4 - 8/3CCCS-NCC EF40-EF40KEY DATE. Problem free with rich, even steel-blue tone on both sides. Trends $1250. **$985.00
1886Sm. 6NCC Good 6All major design - clear. Trends $12. **$8.00
1886Large 6NCC VG8 Scrs. Obv.Light tone. Has scrs. visible with a glass - mainly on Rev. Est. $12. **$6.00
1887/7Repunch #3PCGS AU55Very sharply struck with a hint of tone Rev. Lots of mint frost remains. A SCARCE variety. Est. $1100. **$825.00
1888Re-punched Last '8'NCC Good 6Original, even, medium tone on both sides. A tiny rim tic. on Obv. 1:00 o'clock. **$6.00
1889CCCS-NCC VF25-VF25Light steel-blue toning on both sides. An original and balanced Semi-key and problem free. Could have been called VF30 on a different day. VF25 Est. $200. **$150.00
1889Struck Over DelaminationNCC Good 6/A.G.Original with a little toning in Obverse legends. All Obv. lettering clearly visible under the delamination. **$7.00
1891Obv. 2CCCS-NCC MS66-MS66NO MINTSTATE 1891 5C LISTED IN ANY OF THE LEGACY SALES, NOR IN THE NOVEMBER 2016 TOREX SALE. This Obverse 2 is well struck on both sides. The obverse has very strong cartwheel lustre and eye apeeal with gold in devices and even, blue-green fields. Reverse is also attractive with excellent frost and pale blue-green in devices. Est. $7000 - $8000. ** $5,665.00
1891NCC AVGLightly toned - both sides. Outline of braid is clear. Trends $9. **$6.00
1891NCC GOOD 6Even medium tone. Trends $8. **$5.00
1892Obverse 2 - Repunched 8CCCS-NCC AU58Tons of frost and light gold in devices on both sides. Razor sharp strike with no loss of detail. Even the eyelid and the eyebrow are distinct. Trends $350. ** $275.00
1898CCCS-NCC MS65-MS65Very sharp with strong eye appeal, especially on Obverse. Reddish-gold with hints of blue on Reverse. Est. $4250 - $5000. **$3,450.00
1898Re-punched 1 and First 8CCCS-NCC AU55-AU55Good strike & medium steel-blue frost - both sides. An attractive & original Victoria 5c. All Reverse leaf venation - clear. Victoria's eyelid & eyebrow - both distinct. AU55 Trends $400. **$290.00
1899CCCS-NCC MS66-MS66 Strong eye appeal on both sides. Frosty mauve-red on both sides with hints of metallic-blue in legends. Est. $4000. **$3,100.00
1899NCC Good 6Lightly toned. All major design elements are showing and problem free. Trends $7. **$5.00
1900Round OCCCS-NCC AU50-AU50+Light gold tone - both sides. Tons of mint frost in devices. No scratches, digs, spotting or rim nicks. Est. $400. ** $290.00
1902HSmall HNCC Good 6Has a moderate spot at Reverse 10:00 o'clock edge. Est. $9. **$5.00
1902PlainNCC VF +Lightly toned and with nice frost in devices. Trends $8.00. **$5.00
1903CCCS-NCC MS66-MS66Ultra heavy frost - both sides with light purple-gold in devices and a hint of blue-green on the King's robe. Rev. is very sharp. Est. $3000 - $4000. **  $2,450.00
1903HLarge HNCC Fine 12Problem free. Trace toning. King's band in crown is unbroken. Trends $25 * $17.00
1903HLarge HNCC VG8Even light to medium tone on both sides. Trends $15. **$11.00
1903HLarge HNCC Good 6Trace scrs. on Obv. Trends $7. **$5.00
1903 HSmall HNCC Fine 12$4.00
1904CCCS-NCC MS66-MS66Beautiful light gold tone on both sides. Strong frost and well struck. RARE in this condition. Est $3000 - $3500. **$2,465.00
1904NCC VG 10Est. $9.00. **$6.50
1904NCC EF40Brilliant with lots of mint frost on both sides. Has a couple of small cuts on Obv. EF Trends - $35 * $23.00
1906Wide Date - High 6CCCS-NCC MS66-MS66RARE IN THIS CONDITION. Rich violet-gold centres with purple-blue devices - both sides. Frost, strike & eye appeal are strong. Newcan strives to acquire coins whose qualities are pleasing to view long after they are purchased. This piece certainly qualifies in that category. The last certified MS66 piece we saw offered to the marketplace was estimated at $7000 - $7500. **$5,835.00
1907NCC Fine$3.00
1908Small 8NCC VGScuffing on Obverse. $3.00
1909Pointed Leaves Cross Over BowCCCS-NCC EF45-EF45Light even tone. Some mint frost still in devices. Excellent rims. Trends $190 **$140.00
1909Round Leaves BowCCCS-NCC AU50-AU50Lots of mint frost in devices. Scattered light blue-green on Rev. Unimpaired rims. Trends $110. **$72.00
1909Pointed LeavesICCS-NCC VF30-VF35Trace gold in Obv. legends. Problem free. Many would grade VF35 or EF40. From an earlier ICCS collection UJ 838. The original owner broke it out of the ICCS holder; which is included. Est. $95. ** $70.00
1909Pointed leavesNCC Good 6Light tone. Trends $15. **$10.00
1910Round LeavesCCCS-NCC MS65-MS65ULTRA RARE in this condition and the best we have ever listed. Blast white, very heavy frost and well strucK. PCGS lists 1 in MS65 and 4 in MS66. ICCS 2016 Pop Report shows 1 only in MS65 and 6 in MS64. Est $5000 ** $3,850.00
1910Round LeavesCCCS-NCC MS62-MS62Light gold tone on Obv. Rev. is blue-green in centre surrounded with light gold in devices. Trends $800 * $580.00
1910Round Leaves, BowCCCS-NCC AU50-AU53Lots of frost and light gold tone in devices - both sides. Problem free. Has a shot to upgrade to 53 or 55. AU50. Trends - $225. **$170.00
1910Round LeavesNCC FineProblem free with trace toning in legends. Trends $30 *$22.00
1910Pointed LeavesNCC AU50Even slate toning - both sides. Problem free. Trends $30 *$22.00
1910Round LeavesNCC VG10Light original tone on both sides. Trends $25 *$18.00
1910Pointed LeavesNCC VF30Even medium to dark tone - both sides. A little carbon is hidden in King's crown. Est. $9.00 *$7.00
1910Pointed LeavesNCC VF25Well balanced, medium to dark tone on both sides. Est. $10.00. **$7.00
1911NCC Fine 15Light tone *$5.00
1912NCC AEFLight slate-gold tone on both sides. Est. $10. **$7.00
1913NCC AU55Lots of mint frost remains, especially on the Date side. Est. $32 *$21.00
1914CCCS-PCGS MS66-MS66Blast white with a very sharp strike and ultra heavy frost. Originally graded as MS66 by PCGS and then crossed with CCCS. Est. $1500 **$1,125.00
1914PCGS-NCC MS65-MS66/65+Very heavy frost and strike. An original Gem that is just beginning to tone light gold on both sides. Trends $600 * $420.00
1914NCC Fine 15Light to medium tone. **$5.00
1915NCC AVGMedium to light tone. Est. $15. **$12.00
1915NCC VG8/G4Nice original tone in devices - both sides. Obv. Is a decent VG and Rev. has all leaves showing well and date, worn but easy to read. Est. $10. **$7.00
1916PCGS-ICCS MS65-MS65Very well struck with heavy frost on both sides. Enhancing light gold tone in devices. Trends $1400. **$1,125.00
1916NCC Fine 15Band in King's crown is complete with detail still showing. Toning in legends. Trends $11. **  $8.00
1918NCC MS60/63Attractive gold toning - both sides. Est. $65 *$45.00
1918NCC A. FineBand in crown almost complete. **$3.00
1919NCC AU58Obverse looks like a 62 or 63; but downgraded to AU58 due to some disturbed lustre at left Reverse. Est. $27 *$15.00
1919NCC AEF 35Uneven toning and a little dirt in devices. **$3.00
1920CCCS-NCC AU55-AU58/62+Beautiful, even, blue-green, red and gold on both sides with strong frost. Reverse could pass as a 62 or 63. Est. $40. **$28.00
1922Near Rim Concave FieldCCCS-NCC MS65-MS65+Ultra heavy cartwheel frost. Excellent strike on Obv. with 8 clear pearls in horizontal crown band, 6 clear vertical jewels in upper crown centre, a full moustache and a Rev. left leaf that is far above average. So close to MS66. Est. $800 - $1000 **$665.00
1922Far Rim Flat FieldsCCCS-NCC MS64 ++Very scarce and attractive, with ultra heavy frost and sharp unimpared rims. The King's crown shows 8 pearls in band with the second pair just slightly flattened. Mustache, ear and robe are all well defined. Left leaf on Reverse has an above average strike with only the lower-centre venation weak. Trends - $500. **  $400.00
1922Near Rim Concave FieldICCS-NCC AU55Heavy frost and Reverse strike. Obverse crown band is a touch weak with 6 clear jewels. An above average strike on Reverse with close to complete left leaf venation. Trends $50. **$37.00
1922Near Rim Concave FieldNCC VF356 Clear pearls in crown band. Est. $8.00. **$6.00
1922Near RimNCC VF20Nice except for one moderate scuff behind the King's head. Est. $5.00. **$3.00
1923CCCS-NCC MS60-MS60Typical weak Obverse horizontal crown band. Sharp Reverse. Trends $175. **$125.00
1923NCC VF30Full horizontal band in King's crown with 6 clear pearls. Est. $15. **$10.00
1924CCCS-NCC MS65-MS65Heavy blast white frost - both sides. Obv. strike - above average with 8 pearls visible in crown band although the second pair from front is mushy. Reverse left leaf strike is typical; but all main leaf veins are showing. Trends $2000. **$1,480.00
1924ACG-NCC MS62-MS62Correctly graded with lots of mint frost and no distracting major bagmarks. Typical weak strike. Trends $185. **$125.00
1926Far 6ICCS Fine 15Horizontal crown band still showing from front to back. Rims are problem free. Trends $265 *$190.00
1926Near 6NCC Fine 12Trends $9. **$6.00
1927CCCS-NCC MS63-MS63+Obverse strike is superior with 8 jewels in horizontal crown band. Reverse strike is a little above average. Strong frost and eye appeal. Est. $200 - $240. **$145.00
1927ICCS-NCC AU50-AU53Obverse strike is better than normal; but still with only 6 of the intended 8 pearls in horizontal crown band. Reverse left leaf well above average. Tons of mint frost remaining. From an earlier ICCS collection # HQ 417. AU50 Trends $40. **$28.00
1928CCCS-NCC MS65-MS65Beautiful heavy frost & deep perfect rims. Strike is above average with 8 pearls in horizontal crown band. The 6 vertical crown beads are slightly blended at bottom 3 but all are visible. Trends $1000 **$765.00
1928NCC EF40Rev. strike very sharp. Obv. - typical strike- only 6 of the 8 pearls in band are showing. Est. $15. **$10.00
1929ICCS-NCC EF45-AU50A typical soft Obv. strike with tons of mint frost remaining on both sides. EF45 Trends $27.  From an earlier ICCS collection. DQ 212 * $17.00
1930NCC VF/EFBand unbroken and left Reverse leaf is sharp. Est. $9.00. **$7.00
1931ICCS EF45Lustrous. Typical Obverse strike and above average Reverse. Trends $45 *$33.00
1931NCC VFTrends - $6.00. **$4.00
1932Near SNCC AU50Left leaf is unusually sharp. Typical weak Obverse strike. Tons of mint frost, especially on Reverse. Est. $60 *$40.00
1933CCCS-ICCS AU55-AU55Obverse strike is a little better than typical with strong frost on both sides. Could easily pass as a CH UNC. Buy it before potential recertification goes to 62 or 63. AU55 Trend $170. **$135.00
1933NCC VF25Left Rev. leaf - well struck. Crown-band has 6 of the 8 pearls showing. Est. $11 * $7.00
1934ICCS EF40Obverse strike is slightly below average. Second set of pearls are missing. From an older ICCS collection. GQ 519. Trends $22 *$15.00
1934NCC AEFLeft leaf has full detail. Est. $15. **$10.00
1934NCC VF30Centre diamond and 6 clear pearls showing in horizontal crown band. Est.$11. **$7.00
1935NCC AEFCentre diamond and 6 clear pearls. $16.50. **$12.00
1936NGC-NCC AU55-AU50Typical soft Obv. strike. Nice; but slightly overgraded at AU55. AU50 Trends $35. **$23.00
1937NCC AU58/62Typical mushy strike and one very light scr. at left Reverse; but tons of mint frost. Est as an MS60 $15. **$9.00
1940NCC AU55The King's eyebrow and the beaver are weakly struck; but there is tons of mint frost on both sides. Est. $16. **$12.00
1941ICCS-NCC AU55-AU55/MS63Tons of mint frost remains. MS63. From an earlier ICCS collection # KB 474. Est. for AU55 $25. **$16.00
1941NCC AU55Tons of mint frost remains. Hair is well struck. Has a light drag mark on Obv. visible with a glass. Eyebrow is typical. Trends $25 *$11.00
1942NickelNCC MS65ULTRA heavy frost on both sides with an premium strike at eyebrow, eye & hair. Trace contact well hidden on King's neck and cheek with a hint of clashing behind his neck. Obv. fields are excellent. Rev. surfaces are superb with a neat die crack at left waterlines and a strike stress line below 'CENTS'. One of the nicest 1942 Nickels we have ever listed. Trends $700. **  $480.00
1942TombacCCCS-NCC MS65-MS65+Not a bad strike for this issue with lots of frost remaining. Est. $150  **$110.00
1942 TTombacCCCS-NCC MS65-MS65+Obverse is an easy 66 and Reverse is a strong 65. Trends $150. **$120.00
1942 TTombacCCCS-ICCS MS65-MS65Heavy yellow-gold frost on both sides. Strong eye appeal. The ICCS unopened grade-ticket is included. Trends $150. ** $115.00
1942 TTombacNCC MS63Obverse is an attractive gold-red. Reverse is beautiful. Est. $15. **$11.00
1943 TTombacNCC MS63Lots of lustrous gold frost. Trends $15. **$11.00
1944NCC MS64Heavy blast frost. Trends $15. **$11.00
1945NCC MS64Strong cartwheel lustre. Trends $20. **$14.00
19466 Over 6NCC F12Hard to find even in well circulated condition Est. $8.00. ** $6.00
1947Re-cut Date - Zoell # R177bNCC Fine15 Re-cut '147' in date. 2 very light scrs. in an 'X' on Obverse - visible with a mag. glass. * *$10.00
1948CCCS-NCC MS65-MS65Very strong lustre - both sides. Eyebrow is better than average with the eyelid clearly defined. Reverse strike is soft on the beaver's upper back. Trends $200 **$150.00
1948NCC EF45All the King's hair detail is clear. Est. $8.00. **$6.00
1950NCC MS63Strong frost and well struck. Trends $20. **$13.00
1951Half MoonNCC AU55Full detail. **$7.00
1952CCCS-NCC MS65-MS65+A blazing Gem. One tiny Obverse contact from MS66. Slated for re-submission for a potential higher grade. MS65 Trends $100. ** $80.00
1952NCC MS64Ultra heavy frost. 1 Obv. contact from 66. Trends $25 *$15.00
1952NCC MS63Trends $10. **$7.00
1953NSS Far LeafNCC MS63Trends $8.00. **$6.00
1954NCC MS63Flashy as are all of them. Trends $10. **$7.00
1956NCC MS64Very strong frost - both sides. Trends $15. **$11.00
1957NCC PL66Beautiful Lustre. Trends $40. *$26.00
1957NCC PL65Trends $16.00 *$11.00
1957BugtailNCC EF40A neat variety. ** $6.00
1958NCC PL65Trends $13. **$9.00
1959NCC PL65 +Trends $10. **$6.00
1962Heavy Double DateCCCS-NCC MS64Heavy white frost. Trends $10. From an earlier ICCS collection. The previous owner removed it from the ICCS holder for improved presentation. **$185.00
1962Double 1962ICCS-NCC MS64The date doubling of this ' Double 1962 ' 1962 is not as dramatic as an example referred to as a Double Date. ** $18.00
1962Re-engraved DateCCCS-NCC MS60Could pass as a higher grade. From an earlier period in ICCS certification - (KB 845) Trends. $15. **$10.00
1964Extra WaterlineICG MS64Graded on the button. Heavy frost on both sides. Flashy and scarce. Trends $800. **$585.00
1966CCCS-NCC MS65-MS65+In over 40 years Newcan has only seen about 4 pieces in MS65 and just 1 in MS66. A modern nickel RARITY. This piece is one light Obverse contact from MS66. $275.00
1966NCC MS65The scarcity of this date in 64 and higher is badly underated. In 35 years Newcan has been able to obtain only 2 in 65 and one in 66. The production quality of the entire run of this date was worse than bad it was brutal. Only 8 modern nickels have fewer MS65's and higher in the iCCS 2016 Report and THEY ARE ALL VARIETIES, NOT A REGULAR YEAR this. You may not ever see any other example of 1966 in an equal or better high grade. Exceptionally scarce and brilliant with heavy cartwheel frost. **$275.00
1969NCC PL64 Ultra CameoEst. $50 *$35.00
1970CCCS-NCC MS66-MS66This date has a very small mintage - under 6 million.; which is the lowest number issued between 1968 and 1999 - exclusive of varieties. Up to present day only the 2000 P is lower at  4,899,000 and it could be considered as a variety issue, being 1 of 3 different issues in that year. 1970 5c is listed in the Charlton catalogue at $225 for MS66 *$160.00
1970NCC MS65Very heavy frost. Trends $25 *$16.00
1971NCC MS65Very strong lustre. Trends $30 *$22.00
1971NCC MS64Heavy spinning lustre. Trends $10 *$6.00
1979CCCS-NCC MS66-MS66Very heavy spinning lustre. The highest grade we have seen for this MS66 issue. Shown in Charlton in MS66 at $200 **$140.00
1948CCCS-NCC MS64 - MS64 +Just a couple of small contacts from MS65. Has a decent chance to upgrade to GEM. MS64 Trends - $75. ** $60.00


Canada Ten Cents (62)

Date Variety Grading Agency Grade Description price
1870Narrow OICCS-NCC VG10A decent Vicky 10c and in fairness, many would call it  About Fine. VG10 Trends $60 *$43.00
1880HObverse 2NCC Good 6All lettering and major detail clear. Unimpaired rims. Trends $40 *$28.00
1882HNCC Good 6Scr. Rev. *$13.00
1886Sm. 6/6 Obv. 5ICCS VG 8 - CorrosionThe light corrosion is hidden by even slate toning - medium in devices and light in centre. Still an attractive VG 8. Trends for VG 8 without the very light corrosion $100. Est. $60. **$42.00
1887CCCS-NCC VF30-VF30Even medium to light slate-gold Obverse tone and even steel-blue and gold Reverse. A problem free, appealing Key Date. Trends $550. **$465.00
1892Small 9 - Obv. 5ICCS Fine 12Attractive medium slate tone in devices - both sides. Trends $65 *$48.00
1894Obv. 5NCC Good 6 Clnd.All major design showing, including Victoria's complete outline & her ear. Rims are strong & undamaged. The coin is cleaned with a traces of pre-cleaning darkness in the lettering of 'CANADA'. Est $25 * $15.00
1896Obv. 6NCC VG8/VG10 Clnd.An OK looking coin with a strong VG10 Reverse and VG8 Obv. Has a few tiny flecks of carbon on the Obverse rim. Just dip-cleaned not abraised. Est. $18 *$12.00
1896Obv. 5NCC Good 4 PittedThe pitting only shows with a glass; but a scrape at the eye is visible. Est. $15 *$9.00
1898Obv. 6NCC Good 6Nice slate-gold tone in devices with all major detail clear and trouble free rims. Trends $20 *$14.00
1899Small 9'sNCC VG8/G4A nice natural slate-gold tone in devices on both sides. Date is worn but still readable. Est. $15 *$11.00
1903CCCS-NCC MS64-MS64 +Even violet-gray patina on both sides. Surfaces are mark free and at least a strong 64. Nice frost.and appeal. Trends - $5500. **$4,350.00
1903PCGS-NCC AU55-MS62Even, light to medium, bluish-gold tone with nice appeal and frost. Typical Obv. Edward strike, well struck Rev. We feel this piece has been undergraded in this PCGS holder and it may go in for resubmission. Newcan grade MS62. For now we will show the Est. as an AU55 $1100 **$975.00
1903PCGS-NCC AU55-AU55Graded on the button with light gold tone on both sides. Trends $1100 *$825.00
1903HNCC VG/F15Light toning iin devices. Est. $14 *$11.00
1905NCC VGProblem free with original light tone. Trends $15 *$11.00
1907NCC Good 6Problem free. Est. $7 *$5.00
1908NCC G/VG DippedDipped but not abraised. Est. $10 *$8.00
1919NCC EF40Tons of mint frost. Light stain on Obv. Est. $8 *$5.00
1921PCGS MS65Very heavy frost. Pale gold tone - Obv. Rev. - white with claims to a higher grade. Very Scarce in GEM and unlisted in Trends. Charlton lists MS65 at $1250 **$985.00
1938CCCS-NCC MS63-MS63Very heavy white frost with pronounced die cracking in 'GEORGIVS'. Trends $125 **$95.00
1942NCC AU50Lots of frost remaining. Original and brilliant. Trends $20 *$15.00
1946NCC AU55Flashy white. $26 *$16.00
1948NCC VGStrong die rotation *$5.00
1950NCC AU58Light gold tone, strong Mint lustre. Est. $9 *$5.00
1951NCC MS63 Cameo/MS65+Reverse borders on perfect; but Obv. has one drag mark in front of Geo.VI. Est. $30 *$18.00
1956DotCCCS MS66Beautiful and even light gold toning on Obv. with a hint of very light gold in 'CANADA' on Reverse. PREMIUM EYE APPEAL *$775.00
1956CCCS-NCC MS65 Cameo-MS65 CameoA strong cameo for a Business Strike. Blast white frost - both sides. Est. $75 **$60.00
1957CCCS-NCC PL68 Heavy CameoA TRUE PROOF LIKE RARITY in this condition with full blast white surfaces - both sides. Note - the 1957, 1959, 1960 10 cents are all shown in Proof-like Trends with a blank in PL66 Heavy Cameo. This beauty is two steps up from that ! PCGS shows only one at PL68 with no cameo.**$1,500.00
1957CCCS-NCC PL67-PL67Premium gold tone and appeal. ICCS 2016 Pop Report lists none higher than PL67 and PCGS shows one only higher at PL68. Est. $275. **$195.00
1957CCCS-NCC PL65 Heavy Cameo-PL66 Heavy CameoTrends for PL65 Heavy Cameo - $100 **$75.00
1957CCCS-NCC PL66 Cameo-PL66 CameoAnother high end PL with light gold tone on Reverse. Est. $75 **$55.00
1957NCC PL64 Heavy CameoBrilliant and very scarce to find with a strong or heavy cameo. Trends $50 *$38.00
1957NCC PL66Very light peripheral Toning. Trends $40 *$26.00
1957NCC MS65Blast white Gem. Trends $40 *$25.00
1957NCC PL65Light reddish-gold tone on Obverse and light gold on Reverse. Trends $17 *$12.00
1958NCC PL64 Ultra Heavy CameoThe Queen is full snow white. Est. $40 *$23.00
1959NCC PL66 + CameoA very scarce, white KEY PL. in the 10c cameo series. Est $65 *$40.00
1959NCC PL66 CameoA very scarce PL in this grade. Blast white. Est. $40 *$25.00
1960CCCS-NCC PL66 Heavy Cameo-PL66 Heavy CameoNewcan feels that this Heavy Cameo 10c date and the 1959 are even tougher than the 1957. A white semi-mirror Obverse and rich blue-green Reverse. Est. $375 ** $300.00
1960NCC PL66 CameoA very scarce PL with cameo. Est $45 *$35.00
1960NCC PL64 + Heavy CameoA trace of emerald-green tone at Rev. bottom. Has 1 very light Obv. contact that prevents a much higher grade Est. $35 *$25.00
1960NCC PL65 CameoBrilliant with a cameo on both sides. Trends $25 *$17.00
1962NCC MS65 +Blast white. Estimate $30 *$18.00
1962ICCS-NCC MS65-MS65+A BLAST WHITE Gem. Has strong potential to upgrade. From and early ICCS collection. *$20.00
1964NCC PL64 Ultra Heavy CameoThe Queen and the Bluenose are both full snow white *$20.00
1965CCCS-NCC PL67 Ultra CameoA monster PL with a hint of gold on rims and ultra cameos on both sides. **$265.00
1965CCCS-NCC MS66-MS66 PQBeautiful bluish-gold toning on Obverse with SUPERB tone Reverse and with a HEAVY CAMEO Bluenose schooner **$120.00
1965CCCS-NCC PL66 Ultra Heavy CameoTrace gold on rims. A beauty. $125 **$75.00
1965CCCS-NCC PL66 Heavy Cameo-PL66 Heavy CameoHeavy Cameos on both sides and with trace gold tone on rims. Est. $40 **$28.00
1965NCC PL66 Heavy CameoBlast white with a heavy cameo on both sides. Est. $40 *$26.00
1965NCC MS66Rich gold and blue toning on both sides with strong appeal on Obverse and superb appeal on Reverse. **$80.00
1965ICCS PL65 Heavy CameoTrace gold tone. The Queens head is ultra cameo *$15.00
1967CCCS-NCC MS65 Ultra Heavy CameoA beauty with golden rims that would grade MS66 Ultra Cameo except for trace Obverse contact. A perfect fit for a high end business strike 1967 set.**$125.00
1967NCC MS66

White with heavy cartwheel lustre. Weakly struck just below Queen's ear.

1968SilverCCCS-NCC PL66 CameoBlast white with ultra heavy cartwheel frost and strong eye appeal. **$23.00
1970Doubled "0" in DateCCCS-NCC MS66Not labelled ' Double 0 In Date ' by CCCS. Heavy cartwheel frost. **$65.00
1970Doubled '0' in DateICCS-NCC MS65-MS65Est. $60 **$44.00
1970ICCS MS65Strong lustre and appeal. From early ICCS with a 2 letter certification number. Trends $25. **$18.00
1970NCC MS65 Cameo ReverseA low mintage date in premium condition. Est. $30 *$22.00
1976NCC MS65Trends $25 *$15.00
1979NCC MS65Nice cartwheel lustre. Trends $35 *$18.00


Canada Twenty Cents (2)

Date Variety Grading Agency Grade Description price
1858Re-engraved 5NCC AU50Pleasing in all aspects and in an affordable grade. Trends $650 *$550.00
1858CCCS-NCC EF45-EF45Eyelid and hair in bun complete. Full braid with gold toning in the devices of both sides. Always in demand; especially with eye appeal and no problems. **$465.00


Canada Twenty-five Cents (40)

Date Variety Grading Agency Grade Description price
1870CCCS-NCC EF40-EF40Light, even, slate toning on both sides and no problems. The ' 5 ' in the denomination ' 25 ' is re-punched. Trends $300. **$245.00
1902CCCS-NCC AU55-AU55Attractive blue-green & gold toning with strong lustre on both sides of this underrated date. Many would grade as MS60 or MS62. Est. $750 - $860 **$585.00
1927CCCS-NCC AU50A tough date to find above VF. This piece has light gold and blue-green tone on both sides with the Reverse patin in the upper left quadrant. Notwithstanding the localized Reverse tone, this piece has consideable appeal. Reverse strike is soft in the leaves; which is a recurring feature of George V quarters. AU50 Trends $750. **   $535.00
1947CCCS-ICCS MS64-MS64Light gold with hints of blue-green on Obverse. Reverse is brilliant. Looks like a Type display piece from a Blue Whitman book. Trends $250. **$175.00
1949CCCS MS64Brilliant with trace gold rims. Would have graded MS66 but for a slight cloudiness on Obv. Trends $90. ** $70.00
1954ICCS PL66Even light gold toning on both sides. Very attractive. Trends $190. **$145.00
1957CCCS-NCC PL67-PL67Superb white PL Gem with trace gold on the rims - both sides. Est. $300. **$220.00
1957CCCS-NCC PL67-PL67A beautiful PL Gem + with very light gold patina on both sides. Est. $300. **$220.00
1957CCCS-NCC PL67-PL67Enhancing light purple-gold toning on both sides. Est. $300. **$220.00
1957CCCS-NCC PL66-PL66+Enhancing light gold tone in devices on both sides. Trends $70. **$53.00
1957CCCS-ICCS PL66-PL66Some might call this piece a PL67. Light gold toning in perimeter. From an early ICCS collection with the 2 letter (UQ 102) ICCS grading ticket included. Cross-certified by CCCS, Trends $70.**$52.00
1957CCCS-ICCS PL66-PL66A brilliant, problem free, cross graded beauty. Trends $70. **$50.00
1957CCCS-ICCS PL66-PL66An easy PL66 with trace gold tone on rims Trends $70 **$45.00
1957ICCS PL64 CameoVery tough to find with a Cameo. Trends $50. **$37.00
1958CCCS-NCC PL66 Heavy CameoVery light gold in the devices on both sides. So close to PL67. PL66 Heavy Cameo Trends. $200 **$150.00
1959CCCS-NCC PL68 Heavy Cameo-PL68 Heavy CameoFLAWLESS - a spectacular, ultimate PL. The highest PL Cameo by PCGS is a 66 & ICCS has graded 3 in PL67 Heavy Cameo & 3 in PL67 Ultra Cameo and nothing in 68. A coin for the finest PL Set. **$500.00
1962CCCS-NCC MS63 Ultra Cameo-MS63 Ultra CameoBlast white. Ultra Heavy Business Strikes are very difficult to find. Est $100 **$75.00
1965CCCS-NCC MS65 Ultra Cameo-MS65 Ultra CameoRARE. Blast white with premium cartwheel lustre. This is only the second Ultra Cameo 1965 Business Strike we've seen. The last ICCS Pop Report to list these scarce items was from 2009 and I doubt if the numbers have changed much. The total number of this date certified by ICCS at that time, was just 5 pcs. only, in any grade. **$220.00
1965NCC MS66Both sides have premium toning, especially on Reverse which is frosty red-gold in centre & brilliant blue in legends. Charlton lists MS66 at $200. **$150.00
1965CCCS-NCC MS64 Ultra Cameo-MS64 Ultra CameoBlast white and with a stunning cameo. Est. $200 **$140.00
1965CCCS-NCC MS64 Heavy Cameo-MS65 Heavy CameoRed-gold tone - both sides. Strong eye appeal. Est. $45 **$30.00
1967CCCS-NCC MS66-MS67Blast white with ultra heavy frost. For the ultimate 1967 Set. **$130.00
1968SilverICCS-NCC MS66-MS66+ CameoBlast white with ultra heavy cartwheel lustre and a nice MS cameo. From an early ICCS certification. OQ. 932. **$70.00
1968SilverICCS-NCC MS66-MS66+Light gold tone on both sides. From an early ICCS certification - OQ 927. **$50.00
1968SilverCCCS-NCC MS66 CameoBlast white and with very heavy cartwheel frost.  Est. $90. **$65.00
1968SilverNCC MS65 CameoVery light, even gold tone on Reverse. Obverse is blast white. Est. $40 *$25.00
1968SilverNCC MS65 CameoBlast white - both sides. Est. $40 *$22.00
1968SilverNCC MS65 +Blast white - both sides. Est. $30 *$18.00
1968SilverICCS-NCC MS65Gold toning on both sides. Trends $25. **$17.00
1968SilverICCS-NCC MS65Blast white on Obv., and gold tone on Reverse. Trends $25. **$17.00
1970CCCS-NCC MS66 - MS66 +Trace contacts, visible only with a magnifying glass. Charlton valuation $60. **$45.00
1970ICCS-NCC MS65A scarce low mintage 25c in GEM BU. Trends $25. **$18.00
1970NCC MS65Low mintage and GEM condition. Trends $25 *$15.00
1971ICCS PL66 Cameo +A beauty. Est. $30. **$22.00
1973Large BustCCCS-ICCS- MS63-63-63Graded at MS63 by CCCS, ICCS and Newcan CC. A very scarce, nickel-steel issue with a few very light contacts from a higher grade. **$680.00
1977ICCS MS65Trends $20. **$15.00
1991NCC Heavy Cameo ProofA scarce date modern 25c in Heavy Cameo Proof *$22.00
1991NCC MS64 +A steel KEY. Est. $30 *$16.00
1991NCC MS64A very low mintage for a very modern nickel-steel 25c - under 1/2 million. Trends $22 *$14.00
1999September MuleCCCS MS67 NCFlawless and hard to find in this grade. Trends $175. **$140.00


Canada Fifty Cents (59)

Date Variety Grading Agency Grade Description price
1871HCCCS-NCC AU55-AU55Enhancing, light to medium gold & pale blue toning on both sides. Problem free. Lots of mint frost. Trends $4500 **$3,750.00
1872HA Over VCCCS-NCC EF40-EF40Traces of toning in devices. Eyelid is complete. A tough 50c variety. Trends $6000. **$4,400.00
1892Obv. 3PCGS AU50VERY RARE. The second best of this scarce Obv. variety that we have ever seen. Light gold tone with considerable mint lustre in devices. Eyelid is very well defined and the eyebrow has just a hint of wear. Trends $7500. ** $6,200.00
1894CCCS-NCC VF20An important Key Date with light toning and no problems. A challenging date in a pleasing mid rand circulated grade & still on many lists. First call wins ! **$2,150.00
1906CCCS-NCC VF20Problem free with a full clear horizontal band in crown. Trends $200. **$145.00
1913NCC VF30 Lightly Cleaned6 Clear Jewels in crown-band. Light cleaning hairlines but still looks nice. Est. $175 - $275. **$140.00
1914NCC AVGFully original with light gold tone - both sides. All major Reverse detail is clear except the 'ANA' in 'CANADA' which is weak but still visible, a common feature of 1914's. All Obverse legemds are very clear and the rims of both sides are well defined with just one very light tap visible at 4:00 o'clock Reverse edge. The King's portrait outline is complete and all major detail is clear with ear showing well and crown band easily visible at front and just visible at the back. Obverse has 2 very small hits under the King's shoulder - not distracting. With silver at $31.00 Can. this coin has a shade under $11 worth of silver bullion value apart from its collectable status as a Semi-key Date. Est. $40 *$29.00
1917NCC Fine 12A hint of gold tone in devices. Est. $32 *$25.00
1919NCC AVFBalanced medium gray toning in Rev. devices - slate gray on Obverse. 5 of the 8 pearls showing in the King's horizontal crown band. A decent Reverse with Obv. tone a trifle uneven with a trace of old rub lines barely discernible in front of the King. Not a beauty but still an OK fit in a modest grade set with $12 worth of silver bullion value with silver at $35 CF. VF20 Trends $50. Est. $35 *$18.00
1929NCC A. F/Fine +Lightly toned and problem free Est. $30 *$22.00
1940ICCS-NCC MS64-MS64Light gold toning on both sides. From an early ICCS collection. Certification # SL 368 *$175.00
1941Wide DateICCS-NCC MS64-MS64 ++Utra heavy blast white frost and problem free. Charlton list for Wide Date in MS64 - $250. **$190.00
1941Narrow DateNCC AU/MS63Premium strike, especially on Reverse shield. Heavy, brilliant mint frost. A very attractive coin with a far better Reverse than the nice AU Obverse. Est. $30 *$20.00
1943Flat Back 9 Inside Re-engraved 3NCC AU55Brilliant with strong mint frost. Est. $35 *$24.00
1945Narrow Date, Pointed 5, Round Back 9CCCS-NCC MS65 Cameo-MS65+ Heavy CameoNewcan grade - MS65 + HEAVY CAMEO.  A rare grade GEM. White with a hint of gold toning on Reverse and on King's Portrait. Very light Obverse contact from MS66 Heavy Cameo MS65 +  Est. MS65 Heavy Cameo - $2500 + - $3500. A superb Business strike ! Don't wait on this one ! **$1,385.00
1946Narrow DateCCCS-NCC AU58-AU58Full brilliant with just a hint of gold on rims. Trends $75. **$55.00
1946Narrow DateCCCS-NCC AU53Graded on the button ! Fully brillinat with just a hint of gold on the rims - both sides. Trends - $65. **$50.00
1946Flat Back 9 Wide DateNCC EF45Tons of brilliant mint frost. Est. $30 *$22.00
1946Narrow DateNCC AU50Brilliant and with lots of mint frost in devices. Trends $40 *$27.00
1947Straight 7/7 Wide DateCCCS-ICCS MS64-MS64Blast white and problem free. An early ICCS 2 letter prefix (SP356) Charlton estimate and Trends $750. **$620.00
1949Narrow Date, Round Back 9CCCS - NCC AU55Frosty mint lustre. Est. $45. **$35.00
1953LDNSSCCCS - NCC MS65 - MS65Mostly white, with strong frost and gold-red on the upper Obverse and Reverse. VERY RARE and THE KEY to the series. Seldom available in this condition. Trends $4000. **$3,165.00
1953LDSSICCS-NCC MS65-MS65+Blast white with heavy cartwheel frost. A very strong 65+ Gem every day of the week. TIED HIGHEST ICCS. Trends $600. **$485.00
1953LDNSSNCC EF40Original with just a trace of toning in periphery. Trends $25 *$18.00
1953LDSSCCCS-ICCS PL64-PL64Brilliant, flashy and attractive. Trends $400. ** $330.00
1955ICCS-NCC PL65-PL65 CameoBrilliant.and a Cameo.. Trends for a PL65 without any cameo - $80. **$52.00
1957CCCS-NCC PL66-PL66Attractive. Blast whitehint of tone at the rims.of both sides. Trends $125. **$85.00
1957NCC PL65Untoned. Trends $40 *$28.00
1957NCC PL64Untoned. Trends $30 *$22.00
1958NCC PL64Brilliant and attractive. Trends $25 *$18.00
1960ICCS MS65 Heavy CameoNice peripheral toning on the Obverse. VERY SCARCE with a Mint State heavy cameo. ** $350.00
1960NCC PL66 CameoBrilliant with full mirror fields and a nice cameo. Trends $35 *$25.00
1960NCC PL64 + Strong CameoBrilliant with heavy cartwheel lustre and very close to Heavy Cameo. Trends $17 *$13.00
1961CCCS-NCC MS65 - MS66A hint of gold on the rims. Mostly blast white with ultra heavy cartwheel frost on boith sides. Estimate $150 - $200. ** $135.00
1961NCC PL66 + CameoA brilliant semi-mirror GEM +. Trends $35 *$20.00
1961NCC PL65 Heavy CameoBrilliant with close to mirror survaces. Est. for PL65 + Heavy Cameo $25 *$17.00
1962CCCS-NCC MS65-MS65Beautiful and even magenta-blue toning on both sides. Trends $75. **$58.00
1963ICCS-CCCS MS64 Ultra Cameo - MS64 Ultra CameoA Business Strike 50c with an ULTRA HEAVY CAMEO is RARE. CCCS placed the ICCS MS64 grade on the CCCS holder but forgot to include the designation of ULTRA HEAVY CAMEO which is an obvious feature of this beauty as graded by ICCS The matching ICCS certification ticket (XYZ 572 MS63 Ultra Cameo) is included. ** $190.00
1963NCC MS63+ Heavy CameoBrilliant and very flashy. Est. $25 *$16.00
1964NCC PL66 CameoBrilliant. Trends $30 *$20.00
1964NCC PL65 Heavy CameoBrilliant. PL65 Heavy Cameo Trends $25 *$17.00
1966NCC MS65Blast white Obverse with just a hint of gold tone on the Reverse rims. Trends $60. **$40.00
1966CCCS-NCC MS64 Ultra Cameo-MS65 Ultra CameoBlast white. Newcan grades this beauty at Ultra Cameo MS65. It will go in to be re-certified in the fall. ** $190.00
1966CCCS-NCC MS63 Ultra Cameo-MS64 Ultra CameoBrilliant with GEM surfaces and a Heavy Obverse Cameo. Slated to be recertified if it is still in stock in the Fall. Estimate $150. **$115.00
1967CCCS-ICCS MS65 Heavy Cameo-MS65 Heavy CameoA brilliant beauty for the ultimate 1967 Set. Business Strike Heavy and Ultra Cameos are much scarcer than most PL Heavy or Ultra Cameos. Business Strike Heavy Cameos are a huge challenge. **$225.00
1966NCC MS64 CameoHeavy white cartwheel frost with enhancing light gold in periphery. Est. $30 *$18.00
1968NCC MS65Strong cartwheel lustre. Trends $30 *    $18.00
1970NCC MS65Excellent frost and fields. Trends $25 *$15.00
1972NCC MS65Could be seen by many as an MS66. Trends $30 *$18.00
1974NCC MS65Gem surfaces and lustre. Trends $30 *$18.00
1975NCC MS65Excellent in every regard. Trends $30 *$18.00
1976NCC MS65An easy MS65 and a nice fit in your Nickel-steel set. Trends $30 *$20.00
1978Square JewelsNCC Num. BU 66Trends $20 *$14.00
1979CCCS-NCC MS67-MS67Perfect in every way - surfaces, frost, strike and eye appeal. With a quick glance, one could almost believe it was a frosty silver coin. **$285.00
1979CCCS-NCC MS66-MS66It has so much blast that it almost looks silver. Tied HIGHEST ICCS. On another day it might make 67. **$85.00
1979NCC MS65Ultra heavy lustre. Trends $25 *$16.00
1995NCC MS65Strong carwheel lustre. Trends $25 *$16.00
2005PNCC MS65An easy 65. Trends $20 *$13.00
2008LogoNCC MS65Sparkiling cartwheel lustre. Trends $20 *$13.00


Canada Dollars (56)

Date Variety Grading Agency Grade Description price
1935NCC AU55A decent Type piece at a modest price. Trends $46 *  $33.00
1936CCCS-NCC AU55-AU55Lightly toned on Obv. and brilliant on Rev.. All details clear with frosty surfaces on both sides.Trends estimate $55. **$45.00
1938NCC MS65Ultra heavy blast white frost. 1 tiny delamination beside the 'I' in 'GEORGIVS'. Strong eye appeal. Trends $2700. ** $1,900.00
1939NCC MS62 CameoBrilliant. Raised Die Polish LinesTrends $55 *$28.00
1939NCC AU58Tons of white frost and problem free. Trends $28 *$23.00
1946CCCS MS62A little busy; but nothing harsh nor glaring. A nice, brilliant addition to a middle range Mint State Dollar Set. Trends $270. **$225.00
1948CCCS-NCC MS65-MS65+THE KING of the DOLLARS in rich purple-gold. Flashy & RARE with strong cartwheels & EYE APPEAL This is the nicest 1948 Newcan has listed. Trends $17500. **$14,500.00
1949NCC AU55Brilliant, original and problem free. Trends $33 *$27.00
1949NCC AU50Brilliant, original and problem free. $32 *$25.00
1950CCCS-PCGS PL66-PL66Brilliant with vibrant cartwheel lustre. Graded the same by both companies. Trends $1100. **$875.00
1954CCCS-ICCS PL66 Ultra Cameo-PL66 Ultra CameoA brilliant, semi-mirror beauty. Tied with 5 ICCS Ultra Cameos at PL66, with only 1 ICCS Ultra higher at PL67. No ICCS certified above PL67 with or without cameo. Est. $1800. **$1,400.00
1954CCCS-ICCS PL66 Heavy Cameo-PL66 Heavy CameoVery close to PL67 and difficult to improve upon. Mirror fields. Trends $650. **$480.00
1955ArnpriorCCCS-NCC PL68-PL68 Light CameoBrilliant and PERFECT in all respects. The best we have seen. **$2,765.00
1955ArnpriorCCCS-PCGS PL67 Cameo-PL67Brilliant with just a hint of gold beginning on the rims - both sides. Estimate $1600. **$1,185.00
1955CCCS-NCC PL66 Heavy Cameo-PL66 Heavy CameoClearly a Heavy Cameo and without toning except for a trace on the rims. PL66 Heavy Cameo Trends $850. **$625.00
1955CCCS-NCC PL65 Heavy Cameo-PL65 Heavy CameoBlast white with a very strong cameo. Trends $450. **$360.00
1956CCCS- NCC PL67 Heavy Cameo-PL67 Heavy CameoMirror fields and so close to Ultra Cameo. Est. $600. **$425.00
1956CCCS-NCC PL66 Heavy Cameo-PL66 Heavy CameoBrilliant with light gold rims on both sides. A high end mirror like PL66. Trends $350. **$270.00
1957CCCS-NCC PL66 Heavy Cameo-PL66 Heavy CameoThis is the finest 1957 PL $ that Newcan has ever seen. A beautiful fit for an advanced PL dollar collection. **$3,800.00
1957CCCS-NCC PL65 Heavy Cameo-PL65 Heavy CameoOne very minor trace contact from PL66 or PL67. Brilliant with light gold on Obverse and Reverse rims.Very Scarce. $2,000.00
1957CCCS-NCC PL66 Cameo-PL66 CameoAnother beauty !  Newcan has a wide selection of PL Cameo and PL Heavy Cameo dollars - we have been acquiring these items over a long period and it is unlikely that such a comprehensive selection of advanced grade PL's could be foiund elsewhere. **$1,100.00
1957ICCS PL66 CameoSCARCE with any cameo. Tied with 6 others at PL66 Cameo. Full semi-mirror white and with a shot to upgrade. Only 3 ICCS Heavy Cameos - 2 at 65 and 1 at 66. Trends for PL66 Cameo - $1200 *$950.00
1957NCC PL66 CameoBrilliant and an obvious cameo. Trends $1200 *$950.00
1957PCGS PL67Trace gold on the rims with ultra heavy, pale blue cartwheel lustre. Est. $900 *$635.00
1957ICCS PL65 CameoSCARCE. Only 7 Cameos graded higher - all at PL66 and only 3 graded with Heavy Cameo - 2 at PL65 and 1 at PL66 *$175.00
1958CCCS-NCC PL66 Ultra Cameo--PL66 Ultra CameoBlast white with superb surfaces and cartwheel frost. **$1,200.00
1958CCCS-NCC PL67 Heavy CameoA snow white Queen with light gold rims. **$475.00
1958CCCS-NCC PL66 Heavy Cameo-PL67 Heavy CameoBrilliant and with semi-mirror fields. We feel the grade on this piece could warrant a higher number. Trends for PL66 Heavy Cameo $200. **  $150.00
1958ICCS-NCC PL66Cameo-PL66 CameoBlast white and graded on the button. Trends $115. **$80.00
1959CCCS-ICCS PL67 Heavy Cameo-PL67 Heavy CameoVERY RARE. None certified by ICCS at PL68 with or without a cameo. Brilliant with semi-mirror surfaces. On a different day it might have been called an Ultra Cameo. Tied with 2 others as finest ICCS graded, at PL67 Heavy Cameo. **$2,635.00
1959CCCS-NCC PL67 Heavy Cameo-PL67 Heavy CameoThe best that we have ever listed and with a heavy cameo. Surfaces are without any contact and the Queen effigy appears fully white. For an advanced PL Set or just for the date in an open set (PL or MS)$2,635.00
1959PCGS-CCCS PL67-PL67 Heavy CameoSCARCE. Semi-mirror fields with a nice Cameo. A very scarce PL dollar in this condition **$885.00
1959CCCS-NCC PL66 Heavy Cameo-PL66 Heavy CameoBrilliant with semi-mirror surfaces and very close to ultra cameo. **$250.00
1959NCC PL64 Heavy CameoBlast white. A couple of trivial contacts from a higher grade. Trends $50 *$34.00
1960CCCS-ICCS PL66 Heavy Cameo-PL66 Heavy CameoBlast white with semi-mirror fields. Has very good potential to upgrade. Trends $125. ** $100.00
1960NCC PL66 CameoBrilliant and problem free. Trends $55 *$38.00
1960NCC PL64Untoned and original. Trends $30 *$23.00
1961NCC PL64Brilliant. Trends $29 *$23.00
1965Type 4 - LBP5CCCS-NCC PL66 Heavy Cameo-PL66 Heavy CameoOriginal & untoned with Heavy Cameo effect present on both sides. Trends $275 *$200.00
1965LBP5 Type 4NCC PL65 CameoBrilliant and problem free. Trends $135 **$80.00
1965Type 3 - LBB5ICCS PL64 Heavy CameoA hint of gold on rims. A nice piece. Trends $130. **$80.00
1966Lge BeadsNCC MS63+/64Strong, even gold frost on Obverse and brilliant frost on Reverse. Estimate $45 **$35.00
1967CCCS-NCC PL67 Heavy CameoOne could almost shave in the mirror fields. Est. $225 *$150.00
1967NCC MS65 Cameo

Previously graded MS66; but Newcan felt it should be removed from the holder and graded MS65 Cameo.

1967NCC MS64 CameoBlast white and with strong frost. Est. $75 *$45.00
1967ICCS PL66 Heavy Cameo

Brilliant & so close to Ultra. Removed from the ICCS holder with certification ticket encluded. Trends PL66 Heavy Cameo $80

1967NCC MS64 Light CameoBrilliant. Trends $50 *$30.00
1968DHL # 1ICCS MS64A nice MS64 Trends $25 *$17.00
1969Doubled Obv. LegendsNCC MS64

'D.G.REGINA' is strike-doubled. Normal 1969 Date MS64 Trends $25

1970CCCS-NCC MS65-MS65Problem free. Trends $50 *$38.00
1970NCC MS64A  nice 64 + Trends $20 *$14.00
1972NCC MS64Close to Gem. Trends $20 *$14.00
1973ICCS MS66Ultra heavy cartwheel lustre. An easy MS66. Charlton lists MS66 at $140. **$110.00
1973ICCS-NCC MS65-MS65+An easy 65+ with very heavy frost. The new lower Trends $40 *$27.00
1977DJ FWLNCC SP67Est. $40 *$23.00
1982ConstitutionNCC MS65Trends $30 *$18.00


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