Newcan Coins & Currency

New Brunswick Half Cents (9)

Date Variety Grading Agency Grade Description price
1861PCGS MS66 RB

 VERY RARE. Full Strike. 80%/70% Gold-red. Nice cartwheel frost on Obv. with neat Die clashing on both sides. Last time we checked this was tied with one as Highest PCGS.  

1861ICCS MS60 BN

Sharp and very scarce. MS60 Trends $1000. From an older ICCS collection. QD 709

1861NCC AU58

A hint of red on both sides. Razor sharp. Est. - $925.

1861PCGS AU58

A brown, full strike Key. Trends $925

1861PCGS AU58

Medium brown and very sharply struck. Trends $925

1861PCGS AU55

Traces of red, especially on Rev. Very sharp. Trends - $850.

1861PCGS AU53

Dark, even chocolate brown. Sharp. Est. - $775.

1861PCGS AU50

Problem-free & sharp. Trends - $700.

1861ICCS AU50

1 small scr. in Rev. fields. Newcan grade AU55. AU50 Trends - $700.



New Brunswick One Cents (16)

Date Variety Grading Agency Grade Description price

 VERY RARE. Tied with one as HIGHEST ICCS. Excellent sutrfaces, strike, frost and eye appeal.


75% Red. Full strike. CCDN Retail Guide $2000.

1861NCC MS64 RB

55%/75% Gold-red. Attractive and sharp. Est. $900.

1861ICG AU58

Tons of red remains. Est. $125.

1864Short '6'PCGS MS64 RB

Very sharp with 40% Red. Scarce. Est. $1250.

1864Short 6NCC MS64 RB

Heavy strike & steel-blue frost, esp. on Obv. Light Rev. clashing. Attractive & scarce. Est. $1200.

1864Short 6NCC MS63 Lustrous Brn.

Strong frost on both sides. Obverse is dark chocolate brown and Reverse is bluish-brown with hints of red beneath. Est. $400

1864Short '6'ICCS AU50

Could easily be graded higher on a different day. AU 50 Trends $115. 

1864Short 6 Over Tall 6NCC MS65 Brn. & Rd.

Ultra heavy frost on both sides.10%/40% Red with excellent eye appeal for the grade. Nest clashing on both sides. Est. $950.

1864Short 6 Over Tall 6NCC AU50

All detail in the laurel leaves, hair and bun is clear. An attractive dark chocolate brown. This variety is about the same re scarcity as the Small 6. Est. $125.

1864Short 6 Over Tall 6NCC AU55 Cleaned

Est. $90.00.

1864Tall 6ICCS MS60 LB

Very heavy blue-brown frost. Neat clashing. An underrated SCARCE KEY.

1864Tall 6ICCS AU55

Dark chocolate-brown. Sharp & scarce.

1864Tall 6 NCC AU55

Dark chocolate-brown. Very sharp. Est. $250.

1864Tall 6NCC AU55

Very tough in VF & higher.

1864Short 6 - E Over FICCS Good 6

Problem free and very scarce.



New Brunswick Five Cents (12)

Date Variety Grading Agency Grade Description price
1862Raised Tilted 6NCC AU55

Excellent blue-green and gold tone. An above average strike for issue with light cameo on the Queen and considerable eye appeal. Very scarce even without considering the variety. AU55 Trends - $2500.

1862Level '6'NCC AU55 Obv. Hairlines

Uneven striking force is a common occurrence for this small coin series. This piece displays very sharp Obverse detail and shallow Reverse detail with light gold toning on both sides. The eyebrow and eyelid show full separation and detail in the braid, laurel leaves and hair is complete. Light gold on Obverse and medium gold on Reverse. Obv. hairlines are very slight and not distracting. Est $1600 

1862Raised Tilted '6'NCC Good +

Even original toning. The scarcest of the 3 varieties for this issue. Trends $90

1864Large 6NCC AU58

VERY RARE and the second finest we have ever seen. Toning is medium blue & gold on both sides with an above average strike and eye appeal.

1864Large 6NCC AU55

Enhancing reddish-gold toning on both sides. An above average Obverse strike with only a hint of wear at the Queen's eye. Eyelid and eyebrow are both still distinct. Est. $4200  

1864Large 6NCC-PCGS AU50-AU50

RARE. Lots of pale gold, mint frost in devices. An above average strike for this typically soft strike Rev. issue. In a Newcan flip with PCGS grading ticket. Trends - $3200.  

1864Small 6ICCS AU55

Even, light to medium gold on both sides. Strike is well above average. Trends - $2625.

1864Large 6NCC EF45

Original and even, medium to dark slate-blue toning on both sides. Est. $2350 

1864Small 6NCC AU50+

Well struck Obv. Rev. is much stronger than normal for this issue with the centre design & all digits very clear. Tone is light to medium gold - both sides. Trends - $1750. 

1864Large 6NCC EF40

Laurel leaves, hair and bun all show strong detail. Eyelid and eyebrow are just beginning to blend. All beading is sharp and clear on both sides and rims are excellent. Reverse strike is typical. Toning is an even gun-metal blue on both sides. The only detraction with this Key variety is a small dig above the 'CE' in 'CENTS' Trends $1500  

1864Small 6NGC EF45

Light gold in devices. Sharp Obv. Typical Rev. Trends - $1275.

1864Large 6NCC VF30

Original light tone on both sides. Est. $1050



New Brunswick Ten Cents (5)

Date Variety Grading Agency Grade Description price
1862Double Punch 2 Raised Tilted 6NCC EF45

Rich and even, gold and blue-green toning on both sides. A scarce and very attractive Maritime KEY. 

1862Double Punch 2 Tilted 6NCC-ICCS VF30

Light to medium slate-gold on Obv. and light slate on Rev. Clear rims with light honest wear and no distractions. From an earlier ICCS collection. Removed from the ICCS holder with the ICCS grading ticket included. Est. $950. RA 183

1864ICCS AU55

Untoned but clearly original with lots of mint frost in devices. Very sharp and VERY SCARCE like this. Trends - $3250.

1864NCC AU55

VERY SCARCE in this condition. Even, medium charcoal blue - both sides. Very sharp. Trends - $3250.

1864Doubled Obv. LegendsNCC EF40 Lt. Rub

An attractive piece with just a hint of rub. Trace toning in devices. Clear detail in braid, hair and bun. As per normal for this issue eyelid is visible at front and back; but flat in the middle. Legends have pronounced Doubling. Trends for an EF without any rub $750



New Brunswick Twenty Cents (4)

Date Variety Grading Agency Grade Description price
1864NCC AU50

Brilliant and original with lots of mint frost in devices, especially on Reverse. All beading, braid segments hair and eye detail are very sharp. Trends - $1100.

1864PCGS EF45

Very sharp. Light to medium gold tone. Trends - $750.

1864PCGS EF45

Trace tone Obv. Medium slate-gold in Rev. devices. Sharp. Trends - $750.

1864NCC EF40

Eyelid and braid are complete. Problem free and nice. Trends $425