Newcan Coins & Currency

Nova Scotia Half Cents (21)

Date Variety Grading Agency Grade Description price
1861NCC MS65+/65

 in this condition. 95%/90% Red. This is tied with one as the best that Newcan has ever listed. Listed as PWA (Priced When Available) in the 2008 Coin Dealer Newsletter Retail Guide. 


1861NCC MS65 RED

85%/95% Red. Ultra heavy, golden-red frost. Strong, balanced EYE APPEAL. Perfect strike. Est. $4000.


75%/80% Red. Newcan MS65 MR (Mostly Red). ONLY 3 ICCS higher. UN 360

1861PCGS MS64 RB

55%/80% Orange-red w. steel-blue highlights. CCDN Retail Guide Est. $600.

1861NCC MS62 Cleaned

Bright orange-red; but NOT original. Full strike, no carbons and no scrs. Est. $90.

1861NCC AU55

Dark chocolate-brown. Very sharp. Trends $90.

1861NCC AU50

Trends $60

1861NCC EF45

Very sharp. Dark chocolate brown. Problem free. Trends $40.

1861NCC AU55 Light scrs. Obv.

Dark brown and still attractive. Scrs. are not distracting. Est. $40.

1861NCC EF40

Dark chocolate brown. Trends $25.


95%/100% Golden-red. Heavy frost, especially on reverse. RARE like this and tied with 2 as HIGHEST ICCS. Est. $3300. SZ 903


85%/75% Orange-red. Newcan would grade it as MS65 (MR) Mostly Red. Est. MS64 Red $1400. #KR 540


90%/85% Red. Full strike. Strong frost. Could have been graded as Gem on another day and to be regraded soon. Est. as an MS64 Red $1400. YT 109

1864NCC MS64 RB

40% Red. Sharp. Surfaces of an easy 64. CCDN Retail Guide $500.

1864ICCS MS63 RBNewcan MS64+ RB. 65%/85% Red. Sharp & attractive.$225.00
1864ICCS MS60

Brown with a faint trace of red in devices. Est. $100.

18646 Over 6NCC MS62 Lightly Clnd.

Balanced and attractive. Est. $90.

1864ICCS AU55

Sharp. Faint traces of red. Trends $75. # CX 247

1864NCC AU58 Rubbed

Lightly rubbed; but still a very attractive purple-brown. Est. $50.

1864NCC EF45

Dark brown and sharp. Trends $37.

1864Rotated DieNCC EF40

Dark brown. Trends $25.



Nova Scotia One Cents (27)

Date Variety Grading Agency Grade Description price
1861Large BudICCS MS65 RED

TIED with 3 others as HIGHEST ICCS. 90%/95% Golden-red. Full strike & strong frost. An easy MS65. VERY RARE. Can. Coin Dealer Newletter Retail Guide (CCDN) $5500. XV 561

1861Large BudICCS MS65 RED

85%/90% Red. VERY RARE and tied with 3 as HIGHEST ICCS. Strong frost on Obv. and heavy frost on Rev. with excellent eye appeal. CCDN Retail Guide Est. $5500.

1861Small BudICCS MS64 RED

VERY RARE with STRONG EYE APPEAL 95%/85% Gold-red. Newcan has seen only 1 other Small Bud that comes close to either this piece or the preceding. ONLY 1 ICCS 65 higher & BADLY UNDERRATED - except by advanced collectors.

1861Small BudPCGS MS64 RB

RARE in this grade. 85% Red on both sides. A very underrated Maritime variety with strong frost and eye appeal.    

1861Large BudICCS MS64 RED

80%/75% Red. Nice surfaces & strike. Can.Coin Dealer Newsletter Retail Guide Est. $2000. # AG 973

1861Large BudICCS AU55

Dark chocolate-brown. Nice. Trends $100. # SZ 904

1861Large BudNCC AU Lightly clnd.

Lightly cleaned long ago & retoned. Est. $35.

1861Large BudNCC AU55 Cleaned Rev.

Still attractive. Est. $33.

1861Large BudNCC AU Clnd.

Cleaned long ago and retoned. Est. $35.

1861Large BudNCC AU55 Clnd. Rev.

Too bad that someone lightly cleaned the Reverse; but still sharp and close to Unc. Est. $33.

1862PCGS AU55

VERY RARE. Seldom available above VF & unusual to find with a strong Obv. strike, such as this example. Even, medium to dark, chocolate-brown & problem free.

1862ICCS AU50

Chocolate brown and problem free. Well struck for this normally weak-strike issue. Trends $1000.

1862NCC AU55 Edge Bump

Very sharp for this normally weak-strike issue; but has an edge bruise at 10:00 o'clock Obverse. Special price.

1862PCGS EF45

Dark brown. We've had very few better. VERY SCARCE. Trends $750.

1862Rotated DiesICCS-NCC EF40-AU50 +

Newcan AU50. Very sharp. Appears under-graded - identical with the ICCS AU50. EF40 Trends $500.

1862ICCS-NCC EF40-EF45

Medium to dark, chocolate-brown. Obv. strike is far above average. Newcan EF45. Trends for EF40 $500. CV 344

1862ICCS-NCC EF40-EF45

Appears to be undergraded. Dark chocolate brown. EF40 Trends $500.

1862ICCS VF30

Chocolate brown and graded on the button. Problem free. VF30 Trends $375.

1862ICCS VF30

Newcan EF40 - Obv. rims rough. Trends VF30 $375. ZI 528

1862ICCS VF30

Newcan grade EF40; but has a few light scrs. on Obv.,visible with a glass; which might have caused ICCS to grade it VF30.

1862NCC Good 4

Honest matural wear. No problems. Trends $45.


VERY RARE and the best we have ever seen. SOLO FINEST ICCS. 95%/100% Red ! A highlight for a premium Maritime Set. 

1864NCC MS65 RB

50%/95% Red. Fully struck. Very strong frost and eye appeal. RARE and underrated above AU55. Est. $2600.


Cracked out of the PCGS holder; but with the grading ticket included. 20%/85% Golden-red. Well struck and problem free. Est. $1300.

1864ICCS AU55

A sharp full strike; but has a light stain Obv. Trends $120.

1864NCC VF30/AU

Could just be a weak strike Obv. Est. $30.

1864NCC VF25

Dark brown & problem free. Est. $25.