Newcan Coins & Currency

Newfoundland One Cents (106)

Date Variety Grading Agency Grade Description price
1865Re-engraved '86'ICCS MS65 RED

TIED HIGHEST ICCS & VERY RARE. 85%/95% Gold-red. Full Obv. strike. Rev. stiike is well above average for this normally weak Rev. date. CCDN Est. $5500. YT 107


VERY SCARCE, appealing and seldom available. 95%/85% Rich golden-red. Reverse has highlights of bright lime-green, magenta and red-orange. Has a couple of very small carbons on Obv. Charlton Cat. Est. $2500.

1872HNCC MS63 Clnd.

Typical 1872H razor sharp strike. Attractive and appearing to be an RB at first glance; but with a sheen that indicates it has been cleaned. If it had been left original it may have been a 65 or 64. Est. $175. 

1873Narrow Date - Re-engraved 8 and 3NCC MS60 +

Semi-Key date and very scarce in this condition. Even medium chocolate brown. Very sharp Obverse strike. Reverse strike is above average but still shows mushy detail in the upper right Reverse crown. Trends $600

1873Narrow DateNCC EF40

Has the typical softly struck crown in Reverse centre. Has a couple of small, light scrs. well hidden at the very back of Victoria's dress - not distracting. Trends $95.

1876HNCC MS63 Lustrous Tr. Rd.

Frosty - with 20% remaining on Reverse and a strike that is far above normal for date. Est. $850.

1876HNCC AU58

Hair, laurel leaves, braid and bun, all clear and very sharp. Trend $500

1876HPCGS AU55

A dark chocolate brown Semi-key that is problem free, underrated and scarce above VF. Trends $410.


A major KEY DATE and only eclipsed in scarcity by the Oval 0 and the 1888. Reverse strike is far above average for this variety - one of the 2 or 3 of the best Reverse strikes we've seen for this typically, very weak Reverse strike. and the coin displays 15%/30% original red.

1880ROLONCC Fine 15

Scarce. Trends $45

1880Oval 0NCC AVF

THE KEY. Without any disturbing hits, rim nicks or spotting. Est. $650

1880Oval OICCS Fine 15

The KEY. Problem free and with excellent rims.

1880Oval ONCC Fine 15

KEY DATE. Dark chocolate brown. Trends $575

1885Without Obverse Planchet WaveNCC AU55

KEY DATE. Clear rims and no problems. Trends $775.

1885With Obverse Planchet WavePCGS AU55

KEY DATE. Very sharp Obverse. Trends $775. 

1885Without Obverse Planchet WaveANACS AU53

KEY DATE. A pleasing piece with nice detail and no problems. Trends for an AU53 $660.

1888Wide Date - Re-engraved Middle '8'ICCS MS65 RED

ULTRA RARE and seldom seen above AU. 95%.90% Golden-red. Strike is far above normal for the date and the series with only a faint trace of flatness in the interior of the upper right Reverse crown. Newcan has sold some amazing Canadian and Maritime copper; but nothing that compares to this KEY DATE rarity. By leaps and bounds, the finest of this date we have ever seen. 

1888Medium DateNCC AU55

KEY DATE. Medium chocolate brown. Trends $1125

1888Narrow DateNCC-NGC EF45-AU50

KEY DATE. Dark chocolate brown with clear, sharp rims and no problems. EF45 Trends $535

1888Narrow DateNCC VF Lt. Scrs. Obv..

Dark chocolate brown. Est. $80

1894Narrow DateNCC MS64 RB

Scarce. Even 60%/50% Red. Rev. strike is well above average. Fully struck on Obv. Trends $1850.


VERY RARE and TIED WITH ONLY 1 as HIGHEST ICCS. 90% Golden-red. Carbon free with a strike that is very sharp on Overse and well above average on Rev. Has a small; but not distracting area of plan roughness just below the "I & C" in "VICTORIA". Est. $5500. MG 751

1896ICCS MS63 RED Stain

95% Gold-red. Full Obverse strike. Reverse has just a trace of flatness in the upper right crown centre. Stain is on Reverse at the 'O' in 'ONE'. Still a beautiful coin with very strong frost that would be an easy 65 without the stain. Trends $800 


Strong frost on both sides and Rev. has visible red in devices. A very attractive & affordable Key. Graded right.

1904HNCC AU55 Lightly Clnd.

Chocolate-brown with tones of dark magents and blue at centre where it has been lightly rubbed. Still a VERY attractive KEY DATE. Est. $175 - $225. 

1904HNCC VF20 Clnd.

Medium chocolate brown. Lightly cleaned but still very attractive. Est $35


VER RARE. TIED with 2 as HIGHEST GRADED ICCS. 90%/95% Golden-red. Very strong cartwheel frost, especially Obv. Obv. strike is strong & Rev. is a little above average with a slight flatness at the cross and jewels of crown centre. A softly struck Rev. centre is the norm for Edward NFLD Cents, especially 1904H and 1907. From an older ICCS collection. KN 396


100%/95% Red. Obv. is full orange-red and Rev. has fiery tones of deep orange-red and gold. Cartwheel frost is ultra heavy.

1913NCC MS65 RED

Beautiful orange-red, fire-red and golden frost on both sides. A few very light Obverse contacts from MS66 or 67. Trends $400

1913NCC MS64 L. BRN

Sharply struck on Obverse with strong frost - both sides. Reverse crown centre is slightly weak as per usual. Very attractive for a brown piece and affordable for Type or Date. Est. $135.  

1917cNCC MS66 RB

60% Deep orange-red with very strong frost & eye appeal. Only one trace contact running just under the 'DEI' on Obverse prevents a grade of MS67 RB. Est. $3000 


85%/100% Red. Only a few very light contacts On Obverse prevent 65. Ultra heavy frost on Reverse with premium eye appeal. ICCS crossed to the PCGS holder. DW 357

1917cNCC MS65 MR

Fully struck with 60%/75% Orange-red. Balanced and attractive. Est. $1450.

1917cNCC-PCGS MS65/64RB-MS65 RB

In a Newcan flip with the PCGS MS65 RB grading ticket included. Gem surfaces and frost on - both sides. Has a moderate area of tone at the Reverse bottom edge. 

1919cNCC MS64 BN

A tough date and fully struck on both sides. Medium chocolate brown. Nice for Type or Date. Est. $525.

1919cNCC MS62 Clnd. Obv.

Frosty and attractive on Reverse and Obverse; but Obverse is cleaned. Fully struck. Est. $225.

1920cCCCS-NCC SP65 Matte RED-SP 65 Matte RD

Excessively RARE. 85%/90% even Matte Red. This is the only one we have ever seen. Charlton lists SP 65 RB at $12000. Estimate $18000. 

1920cNCC MS62 BN

VERY SCARCE and in the top 5 we have had. Even medium chocolate brown. Est $500.

1920cNCC-ICCS AU58-AU55

Attractive dark chocolate brown. Nice frost, especially on Rev.; which looks like a 63 or 64. Obv. has light contact in fields and on the King. AU 55 is a very conservative grade. This Key Date would fit nicely in a mintstate set. Cracked out of the ICCS holder with grading ticket included. IC 532


85%/90% Gold-red. Heavy frost, especially Rev. An easy 65. From an earlier ICCS collection. WD 194 Est. $1000 - $1250

1929NCC MS66 BRN

Ultra heavy frost both sides with a hint of red in Rev. devices. Exceptional surfaces and strong eye appeal. Est. $1250.

1929NCC MS64 RED

80%/95% Red. Very well struck and attractive. Rev. crown and the King's moustache have full detail. Trends $450

1936NCC MS66 RED

RARE. 100% Golden-red with ultra heavy cartwheel frost. Has a few very small, well hidden, static spots that do not detract from the outstanding eye appeal. Est. $1350

1936NCC MS64 L. Tr. RED

Has a neat die crack all the way from the King's shoulder, across his ear and front of crown and ending in the 'E' of 'DEI'. It is not at all distracting. Obverse frost is strong and traces of red show in devices on both sides.

1936NCC MS62 BRN.

Medium brown in centre and darker brown in devices. Trends $55.

1936NCC AU55

Trends $30.

1938NCC MS65 RED

95%/100% Golden-red. Heavy cartwheel lustre and fully struck. A premium fit for Date or Type. Est. $600.

1938NCC MS66 RB

75%/65% Red. Full strike, spot free and with cartwheel lustre. Est $525 

1938NCC MS64 RED

90%/80% Red. Nice cartwheels, especially on Obv. Trends $200.

1940PCGS MS66 RB

RARE. 55%/40% Red with highlights of purple-blue on Reverse and strong frost. Est. $4800. 


SCARCE. 80% Red. A strong 64 with no spotting or distractions. Trends $2250


Ultra heavy blue-green frost with hints of purple at the rims. Very strong eye appeal for a lustrous brown cent. Est. $650. PQ 411

1940ICCS MS64 L.BN

Very strong steel-blue, cartwheel frost on both sides. Est. $650.

1940ICCS AU55

Removed from the ICCS holder. Grading ticket included. Sharp and problem free. Could pass as a nice Unc. Est. $75

1940TCNC AU50

AU50. Medium chocolate brown. Est $45

1940Re-engraved DateNCC AU58

Very strong frost, especially on Reverse. Heavily re-engraved. Trends $635 

1940Re-engraved DateICCS AU55

Lustrous brown. Heavily Re-engraved Date. Removed from ICCS holder with grading ticket included. Trends $525 PG 995

1940Re-engraved DatePCGS AU55

Heavily Re-engraved Date. Dark chocolate brown. Trends $525.

1940Re-engraved DateICCS AU50

Heavily Re-engraved Date. Dark chocolate brown. From an early ICCS collection. Trends $350. EC 312

1940Re-engraved DateICCS EF45

Heavily Re-engraved Date. Dark chocolate brown. Trends $275.

1940Re-engraved DateICCS EF40

Dark chocolate brown. Heavy re-engraving. Problem free. Trends $200. YB 388

1940Re-engraved DateICCS VF30

Dark chocolate brown. Problem free. Trends $145. BG 427

1940Re-engraved DateICCS VF30

Very heavily Re-graved Date. Dark chocolate brown. Trends $140. IR 876

1941cNCC MS65 RED

VERY RARE. 90%/80% Bright orange-red. Full strike with strong frost and eye appeal. Est. $2500.

1941cNCC MS65 RED

Tied as the best we have listed. 85%/75% Red. Very strong cartwheel frost. Est. $2500  


VERY RARE. TIED WITH 2 - HIGHEST ICCS. 50%/65% Red. Ultra heavy cartwheel frost, especially on Obv. Outstanding eye appeal. HU 051

1941cICCS MS64 RED

85% Orange-red. Full strike, strong cartwheel frost and eye appeal. Trends $750

1941cNCC MS64 MR

70%/75% Orange-red with blue overtones. Nice frost, no carbons, full strike, Gem Obv. surfaces and attractive balanced eye appeal. Est. $450.

1941cICCS-NCC MS64 RB-MS65/64 + RB

60%/50% Gold & orange-red Obv./RB Rev. Full strike, no carbons, Gem Obv. surfaces with nice frost and appeal. Newcan grade MS65/64 + RB. Est. $450.

1941cNCC MS64 L. Tr. RD

Well struck with heavy frost and considerable red remaining in Rev. devices. Attractive. Est. $235.

1941cNCC MS64 Lus. BN.

Nice frost. Full strike. Attractive. Est. $180.

1941cNCC MS63 Lus. BN.

Ultra heavy cartwheel frost. Full strike. Est. $135

1941cICCS-NCC MS62 RB-MS63 BN & RD

Full strike with nice frost. 15% Red; but surfaces are 63 +. Est. $135. BR 668

1941cICCS MS63 L. BN.

Very well struck with heavy underlying frost. Est. $105

1941cNCC MS 63 Lus. BN.

Heavy bluish cartwheel frost. Well struck. Est. $105.

1941cICCS MS62 RB

30%/40% Red. A nice mix of R & B. From an older ICCS collection. Trends $75. CX 218

1941cICCS MS62

More brown than red; but at least a 62+. From an older ICCS collection. Trends $75 BR668

1941cNCC MS60 RB

Very attractive - 70% Gold-red; but baggy. Est. $50.

1941cNCC Unc. 62 Clnd.

Even purple-violet on both sides. Clnd. but still attractive. Est. $25

1942NCC MS65 RB

VERY RARE. This is the sleeper date of the series. 80%/35% Rich orange-red/wine-red & blue. Ultra heavy cartwheel frost Obv. and heavy frost on Rev. Strike is full. Highlights of blue on both sides with strong eye appeal. Est. $1650

1942NCC MS65 RB

RARE. 50% Red. Highlights of lime-gold, purple and blue-green on Obv. and deep wine & orange-red on Rev. Heavy frost - both sides. A very light print on the right hand lower third of the Obv. has no carbon residue at all and does not impede the strong eye appeal. Est. $1250.  


75%/70% Orange-red. Strong cartwheel frost on both sides. Flashy and nice. From an older ICCS collection. Trends $375. TS 496 

1942NCC MS64 RB

20%/25% Red. Ultra heavy cartwheel frost. An easy 64 with enhancing highlights of wine-red & magenta. Fully struck. Est. $350

1942NCC MS62 BN.

Heavy blue-brown frost. Est. $65

1942NCC MS62 Lus. BN.

Nice frost. Contact on cheek prevents a higher grade. Est. $60.

1942ICCS MS60 BN

Very attractive blue-brown frost, on both sides. Removed from the ICCS holder, grading ticket included. From an older ICCS collection. Trends $45 VH 625

1942NCC AU58

Medium brown. Est. $35.

1942NCC AU55

Medium brown. No problems. Trends $25.

1943cICCS MS63 RED

70% orange-red. From an older ICCS collection. Trends $125. GQ 647

1943cICCS MS63 RB

Rich magenta-red frost with peripheral blue highlights. Cracked out of the ICCS holder with grading ticket included. Est. $85. OW 951  

1943cICCS MS62 RED

85% Red with a trace of blue tone at Rev. 3:00 o'clock to 5:00 o'clock edge. Some light carbon speckles on both sides. Est. $70 SI 632

1943cNCC AU58 RB

Neat struck over delamination at the 'N' in 'IND'. Looks like a much higher grade. Est. $40

1943cNCC MS62

Looks cartwheel bright; but has a pinkish lustre - possibly chemically processed or dipped ?  


RARE. 70%/60% Red. Has beautiful orange-red, lime-green, gold and magenta colours, especially on Obv. Baggy; but with very strong eye appeal.


Very scarce and seldom available in Mintstate. Trends $750.

1944cICCS MS60 BN

Scarce KEY DATE. Medium chocolate brown with attractive highlights of blue-green and red-orange frost on Rev. Cracked out of the ICCS holder with ICCS grading ticket included. OW 955

1944cICCS AU55

SCARCE. Very strong blue-brown frost on both sides. A KEY with very strong eye appeal for a non-mint state cent. QJ 151  

1944cICCS AU55

With lots of gold-red in devices. Nice. Could also be graded as AU58. MJ 002

1944cICCS AU55

Key Date. Dark chocolate brown. Est. $230. CX 220

1944cICCS AU50

Medium brown and problem free with traces of Red in Rev. devices. Many would have graded it AU55. Est. $125. UQ 166

1944cICCS AU50

Lustrous medium brown. Trends $125.

1944cNCC AU50/55

Lots of gold-red in devices; but Obv. surfaces are rough. Est. $125.

1944cMAPNCC EF40

Struck with an Obverse Die that had map-like delamination. A neat Nfld. Die variety. Est.$70 

1947cNCC MS62 BN & RD

More brown than red; but still nice and quite sharp. Est. $175.

1947cICCS EF45

Red still in devices. Has potential to uograde to 50 or 55. 

1947cNCC VF30

Even medium brown - both sides. Problem free. Trends $12



Newfoundland Five Cents (27)

Date Variety Grading Agency Grade Description price
1872HNCC Good 6

All major detail and lettering clear. Trends $40

1873Obv. 1NCC Good 6

Light even toning. All major detail and legends are clear. Trends $650

1881NCC AU58

VERY SCARCE. Exceptional eye appeal. Tons of mint frost in devices. Obverse displays bullseye toning on Obverse with light gold at the rims, blue-green in the fields and red-gold in the centre. Reverse is blue-green in the rim beading, red-gold in devices and untoned in centre. Reverse rims have amazing Cud Die Breaks from 2:00 o'clock all the way to 8:00 o'clock. One of the prettiest Nfld. Victorian silvers we have ever listed. 

1881PCGS AU53

All detail clear. An original example with mint frost & trace gold devices. Strong Die Rotation. Both the eyelid and the eye brow are distinct. Mint frost in devices. Trends $1685 

1881PCGS AU53

All detail clear. Eyelid and eyebrow are distinct. Untoned, with mint lustre in devices and strong Die Rotation. Est. $1685.

1881ICCS EF45

Fully struck with rich gold toning on both sides. Could pass as an AU50 on another day. Strong Die Rotation. Trends $925.

1881PCGS EF45

Very sharp for issue and with no problems. Has a good shot to upgrade. Trends $925. 

1881NCC VF20

Problem free with steel-blue toning in devices on both sides and nice rims. Trends $275.  

1881NCC F12 Damage

Has rim bumps and some damage. Est. $20

1885NCC AU50

Even steel-blue toning in devices on both sides. All detail is well defined with eyelid and eyebrow both distinct. Trends $3200

1885CCCS-NCC VF20-VF20/EF40

Problem free and untoned. A very strong EF Reverse with all beading sharp and clear. Trends $850

1885ICCS Fine 12

An original Key date with traces of tone in devices and no problems. From an older collection. Trends $475 SL 056 

1890NCC VF30/EF

Original, even light slate toning on both sides. Beading sharp and clear. Nice for a Type or Date set. Est. $150

1890NCC Good 6

Problem free with strong rims and all major detail clear. Trends $12 

1929ICCS-NCC MS65-MS65+

Ultra heavy white frost with a razor sharp strike, gem+ surfaces and upgrade potential. Est. $1500

1938NCC MS64

Heavy frost and light gold toning on both sides. Trends $600.

1938ICCS MS60 Dig & Edge Nick

Hints of gold and frosty. If not for the problems this piece would have likely graded 64 or 65.

1940cICCS AU50

Tons of original mint frost. Untoned with strong rims and strike and no problems. Trends $35

1943cICCS-NCC MS64-MS64 +

Ultra heavy blast white frost. An easy 64+. Trends $150.

1943cICCS MS64

Pretty red-gold on Obverse & blue-green & gold on Reverse. Very strong frost and eye appeal. Trends $150.

1943cNCC MS62

Blast white frost. Clashing on both sides. Trends $35.

1944cICCS MS63

Frosty white & sharp. From an older ICCS collection. Trends $175. ZI 517

1944cICCS MS63

Heavy white frost. Trends $175.

1944cICG MS63

Pretty red-gold toning on both sides. Trends $175.

1944cICCS MS62 Cameo

Very strong white frost with a touch of gold on Rev. Obv. is 63. Cameo MS62 Est. - $145. RT 314

1945cICCS MS65

Light gold tone. A high end GEM. A couple of very light contacts from 66. From an early ICCS collection. Trends $350. KE 730

1947cNCC MS65 Heavy Cameo

White with just a hint of gold. Est. $1000.



Newfoundland Ten Cents (21)

Date Variety Grading Agency Grade Description price
1872HNCC AU50

Very light gold toning with considerable mint frost in devices. Attractive, well struck and problem free. Trends $700.

1872HNCC AU50

Light gold tone on both sides with mint frost in devices. Trends $700

1873Obv. 2 Wide DatePCGS-NCC AU53-AU55

VERY RARE. Light even toning on both sides with considerable mint frost still in devices, especially on Reverse. Well struck with strong detail on both sides. Only 5 graded higher by PCGS - 4 at AU55 and 1 at AU58 and none in Mintstate. As of the last ICCS Pop Report in 2016, ICCS had only certified 1 higher at MS60, one at AU50 and none at 55. Trends for AU50 is $3000 and unpriced above that level.

1873Obv. 2 Narrow Date Re-engraved 7PCGS-NCC AU50-AU53

Key Date. RARE. Has enhancing blue-green and gold toning on both sides. Well struck with strong detail in the hair, leaves, braid and bun. Est. $3000 - $4000

1873Obv. 2 Narrow DateNCC EF45

KEY DATE. Mostly brilliant with a hint of gold on the rims and well struck. Tons of mint lustre in Reverse devices. Only misses a higher grade because the laurel leaves and the eye have trace wear. Trends $2100  

1873Obv. 2 Narrow DateNCC VF25

KEY DATE. Balanced & attractive charcoal-blue tone - both sides.  Problem free, original and attractive. VF25 Est. $650 

1873Obv. 2 Narrow DateICCS- VF20/VF25

Trace tone in devices on both sides. An attractive, problem free Semi-Key with some mint frost in Reverse devices. Est. $550

1873Obv. 2 Narrow DateICCS VF20

A problem free Key Date. Untoned; but original and a nice fit to a mid grade set. Trends $500 

1880NCC EF40

KEY DATE. Rev. is light gold. Obv. - appears dipped; but retoning nicely in light blue & gold. A scarce & attractive Key example - mintage only 10,000. Trends $800

1882HICCS-NCC Fine 15-VF

Original, medium to dark, even slate-gray toning - both sides. Should have been grade VF. A scarce date. Est. $175

1888PCGS AU53

VERY RARE. Key Date with NONE graded mintstate by PCGS and only one MS60 and none higher in the last ICCS Pop Report. Sharp with all beading and detail in Victoria clear and lots of mint frost in devices. Pale gold tone. Est. $4000.

1888PCGS AU50

RARE. Very light tone. Lots of mint frost in devices. Trends $3000.

1888PCGS EF45

SCARCE. Untoned; but obviously original & problem-free. Trends $2150.

1890NCC EF40 +

Very light, gold frost in devices. Trends $350.

1896PCGS AU53

Sharp for an Old Portrait. Pale gold tone. Problem-free with tons of mint frost in devices. Est. $1050.

1903PCGS AU53

Pale gold tone with strong mint frost in devices - both sides. Est. $1125.

1917cICCS-NCC MS64-MS64 ++

VERY SCARCE. Full blast white frost and strike. 1 trace contact from Gem. Est. $3500.

1938NCC MS64

The KEY DATE and RARE like this. Brilliant with strong carwheel frost - both sides, especially on Reverse. Est. $2500.

1942cICCS MS63

An underrated Semi-Key. Heavy mint lustre with just a hint of gold on the rims. Trends $250

1944cNCC Fine 15

Problem free.

1946cICCS MS63

Only 7 ICCS higher. Trace gold tone. Heavy cartwheel frost. Trends $350. # WQ 397



Newfoundland Twenty Cents (68)

Date Variety Grading Agency Grade Description price
1865NCC VF30

Attractive medium to dark, charcoal-brown tone evenly distributed on both sides. Problem free. Est. $235

1870NCC AU55

VERY SCARCE. Semi-Key. Enhancing, light to medium gold tone on both sides with hints of steel blue. Lots of original mint lustre under the toning in devices. Trends $1850.

1870NCC AU50

A brilliant, problem free Semi-Key with tons of mint frost in Reverse devices. Trends $1100

1870NCC Good 4

Problem free; but with a typically weak 'CENTS' on Reverse. Trends $15 

1872HNCC AU50 +

Attractive light to medium, even blue-gold toning with strong detail on both sides. Est. $750

1872HNCC AU50 +

Strong detail in hair, bun, leaves, braid and eye. Enhancing, lustrous gold tone in devices, especially on Reverse. An attractive, problem free example for a date or type set. Trends $750

1872HNCC EF45

Light gold - both sides. Lots of mint frost still in devices. Eyelid is distinct from eye brow. Problem free. Trends $500.

1872HNCC VG10

Rev. - has a small bruise in 7:00 o'clock devices. 

1873Closed 3PCGS EF45

Problem-free. Enhancing gold tone, especially on Reverse. Nice eye appeal. Very strong strike - both sides. Trends $1800

1873ICCS Fine 12

Even, light to medium, gunmetal grey - both sides. Problem free and with an unusually strong Reverse for this normally weak strike date. Est. $100 ++  

1876H' NEWFOUNDLAND ' - Heavily Re-engravedICCS VF30

The following letters in ' NEWFOUNDLAND ' are all heavily re-engraved - the first N, the F, the second N, the first D, the A, the last N and the last D. There are 2 broken letters in ' NEWFOUNDLAND ' that should have been re-cut; but were ignored by the engraver ? All braid segments are all well defined. Est. $350 - $500

1876HNCC VF35

Semi-Key. Light even gold tone on both sides. Some mint lustre still showing in devices, VF35 Trends $370

1880NCC VF20

KEY DATE. Clear rims and slate toning on both sides. Trends $175.

1881PCGS AU50

SCARCE. Sharp. Eyelid & eyebrow are well separated.Light gold tone - both sides. Mint frost in devices, especially on Rev. Semi-Key. Trends $1100.

1881PCGS EF45

Sharp. Eyelid distinct. No problems. Untoned but original with mint frost still in devices. Trends $800.

1881NCC VF30 Rim Bend

Someone used this coin to screw something in & slightly bent the coin between 11:00 o'clock & 1:00 o'clock with 2 rim bumps at twist points. VF30 without any damage Est $240. VF30 with the damage Est. $90

1882HEx. King Farouk collectionNCC AU58

Very sharp strike; which is seldom found on Old Portrait issue. ALL detail is fully visible & surfaces are without impairment on both sides. Lots of mint lustre under even, gunmetal blue and medium gold tone. Very scarce to find in this grade. AU58 Est. $2000.

1885NCC EF45

Lots of golden mint frost in devices, especially on Reverse. Sharp and very attractive. Trends $1050

1885NCC EF45

Semi-Key Date. Light gold tone. Mint lustre in devices, especially on Rev. Full braid, hair and eyelid. Trends $1050.

1885NCC VF30

All braid segments showing. Light grayish-gold toning in devices on both sides. Trends $300.

1885NCC VF30

Has a matte appearance - looks as if it was over dipped; but it has no hairlines. All braid segments clear and all beading very sharp. Trace gold tone in lettering. Trend $300.

1888NCC AEF35

All braid segments and eyelid showing. Has a modest cut below eye - not distracting. Lots of mint lustre in devices. Est. $165

1888NCC VG8

Problem free. All major detail showing. Trends $22

1888NCC VG/G

Original light slate tone - both sides. Has 2 small digs on Obv.

1890NCC EF45

Eyelid is distinct, rims are sharp & deep & unimpaired. Trace gold tone & mint frost in Rev. devices. Trends $700

1890NCC EF45

Braid segments, eyelid and all beading clear. Trace gold in Rev. devices. Sharp, clear rims. Trends $700

1890ICCS VF20

Light to medium, rich gold tone. Attractive & balanced. Trends $85.

1890NCC F/VF

Lightly toned and problem free. Est. $35

1894Obv. 1PCGS AU50

Untoned; but original. Sharp with lots of mint frost in devices. Problem free. Trends $700.

1894Obv. 2NCC EF45

Light gold tone on both sides. Lots of mint frost in devices, especially on Reverse. Full braid with eyelid and eyebrown both, very clear. Trends $500

1894Obv. 2NCC EF40

Eyelid and all braid segments complete. Light gold mint frost in devices, especially on Reverse. Trends $300

1894Obv. 1NCC VF30

Original; but untoned. Interesting 'Struck-over Delamination' at the eye; but eyelid is still very clear. Trends $120.

1896SD Obv. 2PCGS AU53

Underrated. Only 8 pieces higher by PCGS - 5 at AU55, 2 at 58 and the lone mintstate at 64. Light to medium greenish-gold tone on both sides. Eyelid is fully separate from the eyebrow. Scarce in this advanced grade. Est. $1400.

1896SD Obv. 2ICCS EF45

Lustrous light gold toning - both sides. All beading, braid segments and eye detail - sharp and clear. Has a good chance to upgrade. Slated to be re-certified. Trends $600.

1896LD Obv. 1NCC EF45

Although the ICCS Pop Report shows approx. the same number, in Newcan's experience the LD appears less often than the SD. Very sharp. The eyelid & eyebrow are well separated. Tons of mint frost in devices. Very pale gold tone. Has a shot to certify AU. Trends $600.

1896LD Obv. 1NCC EF45

Mint lustre still in Rev. devices. Has all the braid segments showing. Eyelid & eyebrow just beginning to merge. Trends $600 

1896SD Obv. 2NCC EF40+

All braid segments and eyelid clear. Light even gray-gold tone - both sides. Excellent rims with traces of mint frost remaining in devices. Trends EF40 $300. 

1896LD Obv. 1NCC EF40 Ltly Clnd.

 Still with light gold toning in devices. Sharp and attractive notwithstanding the light rub. Est. $220.

1896SD Obv. 2NCC AVF

Has a modest scr. through 'VICTORIA'. Est. $35

1899Hooked 99NCC EF40 +

RARE. The Key Date with light even toning and all braid segments clear. Eyelid well defined. Est. $1000.

1899Large 99NCC AU53

Even, attractive light to medium slate-gold on both sides. Eyelid is very sharp with only a very slight flattening of the eye brow. Note - the Old Portrait (2) 20c are not struck with the same Obv. detail as the Young Portrait Obv. (1) because they are created with a more prominent relief in the Obverse centre. This difference of higher Obv. central relief usually tends to wear earlier than the Obv. 1. Est. AU53 $950

1899Hooked 99ICCS VF30

All braid segments clear. Eyelid still shows. Light gold mint frost in devices.

1899Hooked 99NCC AEF 35 Clnd.

Scarce. Lightly cleaned. All braid segments and eyelid are clear and distinct. Est. $425. 

1899Hooked 99NCC VF25

Lightly toned and problem free. Est. $300.

1899Hooked 99ICCS VF20

Light Obv. tone. Medium slate-gold Rev. tone. Trends $200.

1899Hooked 99ICCS VF20

Untoned; but it looks completely original. Problem free. Trends $200.

1899Hooked 99ICCS VF20

Light slate toning. Problem free. Trends $200.

1899Hooked 99ICCS-NCC VF20-VF25

All braid segments clear. Trace gold tone in devices. Light rim bump at 2:00 O'clock Rev. not mentioned on the ICCS holder. Trends $220

1899Hooked 99ICCS VG 10

A scarce Key and problem free. Trends $75

1899Hooked 99NCC VG/AVG

Untoned, original and problem free. Est. $38.

1900NCC AU55

Rich gold tone and strong mint frost in devices of both sides. Eyelid and eyebrow are both distinct. Trends $1000

1900NCC EF40

A hint of gold tone in devices. 1 small minor cut in hair at top of Victoria's head. Trends $150.

1900ICCS-NCC VF30-VF35

Nice, light gold tone Obv. Trace gold on Rev. All braid segments show. Eyelid almost complete. Trends $70 - $100


Trace gold tone in devices on Rev. All braid segments and eyelid are clear. I dig on Rev. Est. $70.

1900NCC VF30

All braid segments showing. Untoned with traces of debris in Reverse devices. Est. $70

1904HPCGS AU50

Light gold tone. Original mint frost in devices. Trends $1000.

1904HICCS VF30

Problem free with an unbroken horizontal crown band and ear is complete. Has a hint of gold on Obv. rims and in Reverse devices. Trends $140

1904HICCS VF30

Has a complete crown band and a full ear with light gold tone in Obverse devices. Reverse tone is light and slightly scattered. Trends $140 

1904HICCS VF20

Problem free and with ear and crown band still showing. This piece is 100% original with a hint of gold tone on Reverse. Trends $70

1904HICCS Fine 15

Problem free and a nice fit for a Date or Type set. Trends $55

1904HNCC Fine 15

Original light toning - both sides. Reverse rim has 3 minor nicks on Reverse edge at 4:00 o'clock. Est. $55

1904HNCC Fine 12

No problems and a good fit in a Date or Type set. Trends $40

1904HNGC VF Details

Surface hairlines; but it still looks nice.

1904HNCC VG10

No problems. Trends $30

1904HNCC Fine 15

Has a few not distracting, minor scrs. behind the King's shoulder. Est. $28


Problem free. Trends $22

1904HNCC Good 6

Dipped with a small scr. on Obverse behind King's crown. 4.71 grams of sterling silver.

1912ICCS VF30

Untoned; but original. Trends $50.



Newfoundland Twenty-five Cents (2)

Date Variety Grading Agency Grade Description price
1917cNCC VG-F

Light original tone. Problem free. 5.83 grams of sterling silver.

1919NCC VF30/EF

1 minor scr. on Obv. Gold lustre in devices. Est. $28.



Newfoundland Fifty Cents (65)

Date Variety Grading Agency Grade Description price
1872HICCS EF45

Light to medium gunmetal blue toning with light gold in reverse centre. Very sharp - both sides. From an earlier ICCS collection. Trends $850. EP 814

1873NCC AU50

VERY RARE. Slate-gold toning in the centre of both sides with mint frost in devices. Centre laurel leaf is well split, Braid, eye, hair, bun and brow are all very sharp. Est. $3500 

1873NCC EF45

Original. Basically untoned with light gold mint frost still in devices. Well struck & without any problems whatsoever. All hair detail & braid segments complete and eyelid is still showing. Last 'A' in 'GRATIA' and all of 'REGINA' Re-engraved. Trends $2100  

1873PCGS EF45

VERY SCARCE. All braid segments, hair detail & bun are clear with centre laurel leaf split. Original & problem free with light gold mint frost still in devices. Some doubling in Obverse legends. Trends $2100. 

1873ICCS EF40 Rim Nick

Light scr. Obv. - distracting scrs. on Rev. & rim nick at 5:00 o'clock Rev. edge. Trends $1250. MJ 008

1873NCC VF25

Light even tone on both sides. All rim beading sharp & clear. Eye, hair, bun and leaves would suggest a higher grade. Only the bottom braid segment is incomplete which prevents a grade of VF30 or 35. Est. $475

1873NCC F - VF

Even gunmetal grey tone - both sides & trace gold in Obv. letters. Bottom braid segment separation is missing; but detail at top of braid is clear and the hair at top of Victoria's head and bun looks like a CH VF. Est. $235

1873ICCS Fine 15

Light original tone - both sides & problem free rims. Eyelid & eyebrow are slightly blended. Hair at top of the Queen's head & bun have considerable definition remaining. The Reverse centre is clear & ALL lettering on both sides is well defined. Trends $220  

1874PCGS-NCC EF45-EF45++

An original, problem free Semi-Key date with even medium gold toning on Obverse and light gold on Reverse. All braid segments are sharp and clear, eyelid and eyebrow are both defined. The hair at the brow and at the top of the Queen's head and on the bun - all with strong detail. Laurel leaves are well defined with the centre leaf showing a nearly complete centre split. Est. $1600 - $2000  

1874PCGS EF45

Accurately graded and sharply struck with all braid segments, hair & bun detail and eyelid clear. Laurel leaves are well defined with the centre leaf having an 80% centre split. Light gold in Rev. devices. Trends $1600

1874PCGS EF45

Light gold tone Obv. Medium brownish-gold on Rev. All braid segments, beading, eye, hair & bun detail are sharp. Split in centre leaf is visible. Modest cut on Victoria's cheek, visible with a glass, does not distract. Est. $1600. 

1874NCC EF45+

Light to medium balanced gold toning - both sides. Hair, braid and bun all very clear. Laurel leaves all distinct with the centre leaf having 3/4 of the centre split showing. Eyelid and eyebrow are both defined. Est. $1600.

1874PCGS EF40

Well graded. Light bluish & gold tone in devices. All braid segments and hair detail clear. Problem-free. Trends $800.

1874PCGS EF40

Nice, medium slate-green tone in devices. Hair detail & bun very clear. Trends $800.

1876HPCGS EF45

Lightly toned. Problem-free. Graded right. All braid segments, hair detail & bun clear. Trends $1375.

1876HBroken Rev. 'S'NCC VF30

Slightly rotated die. Light original tone - both sides. All braid segments are clear. Hair, bun, leaves and eye, all show good detail. Trends $550

1876HNCC VF30 Lightly Cleaned

Retoned light gold. Est. $375.


A nice semi-key without the weak Reverse centre that plagues many Nfld.Victorian 10c, 20c and 50c. Est. $220

1880Wide DateNCC VF35

KEY DATE. VERY SCARCE. Attractive, even, medium gunmetal blue toning - both sides. Braid segments, hair detail and bun - all clear, problem-free and very scarce. Est. $1200.

1880Narrow Date Convex PlanchetNCC VG10

Slightly weak at Rev. Early centre wear in result of Convex planchet centre, causes the 'N' of 'CENTS' to be missing. Est. $60. 

1880Narrow DateNCC Good 6

Small digs on Reverse. Est $30

1880Narrow DateNCC Good 6

Reverse is centre weak as per many of this year issue. It has 8 or 9 small digs in Reverse centre. Est.$30

1881NCC-ICCS VF20/30-VF20

Problem free. In a Newcan flip with light tone in Obv. devices and on Reverse. ICCS grading ticket included. Trends $225

1882HNCC AU50

Razor sharp strike. Complete detail in leaves, braid, eye, hair & bun. Tons of original mint frost in devices. Trace toning on both sides. Looks very lustrous and almost fully brilliant. Has 1 small cut beneath chin - not distracting. Trends AU50 $1200

1882HPCGS EF45

Sharp & attractive with trace tone on Obv. Peripheral blue & gold in Rev. devices. Lots of original mint frost remains. Trends $900.

1882HNCC EF45

Reverse tone is a rich, even gunmetal blue. Obv. is toned light gold with mint frost in lettering. Likely from a Whitman date set holder. All braid segments, hair detail, bun, eye and split in centre laurel leaf are very clear. Nice. Trends $900. 

1882HNCC EF40

Very light slate toning on both sides. Obverse detail in hair, braid, eye and leaves is clear. Trends $600

1882HNCC EF40

Toning on both sides is an attractive and even gunmetal-blue. All braid segments showing. Eye, hair, leaves and bun are all clear. Reverse has one very light rim tap at the 2:00 o'clock edge - not distracting. Trends $600

1885Wide DatePCGS-NCC EF45-AU50

A RARE underrated Semi-Key date in this condition. To be re-certified for a potential upgrade. Full, crisp braid segments, an almost full centre split in the centre laurel leaf, all beading full and very strong mint frost in devices, especially on Reverse. Eyelid & eyebrow are both distinct. As a bonus, it also has light gold toning in devices - both sides Newcan grade AU50. EF45 Trends $1450. AU50 Trends $2000.

1885ICCS-NCC VF30-EF40 Lt. Hairlines

Very light gold tone - both sides. Victoria's eyelid is defined. All braid segments are clear and full. Centre laurel leaf still has a split centre. Hair at the top of Victoria's head and bun is well defined. Light hairlines and a very light Reverse scratch. Est. $550    

1885ICCS VF20

A straight forward VF with all braid segments separate. Reverse is EF with All beading is clear and sharp on both sides, Reverse is EF. VF20 Trends $275

1888NCC AU55

VERY RARE. Light gold tone and tons of mint frost in devices on both sides. All braid segments, hair and bun detail, eyelid and beading sharp & clear. The split in the centre laurel leaf is almost full. TIED WITH ONE OTHER AS THE BEST WE HAVE EVER LISTED. Trends $10000

1888NCC EF45

RARE. An original KEY DATE with a touch of gold tone in Obv. lettering. Rev. has considerable mint lustre in periphery. Beading is sharp on both sides with all braid segments and hair and bun detail very clear. Split shows easily in centre laurel leaf. Trends $3200. 

1888PCGS EF40

Light gold toning on Rev. & on highpoints of Obv. All beading sharp & clear. Scarce. Trends $1500.

1888ICCS VF30

Key Date. Very light gold tone. All beading sharp and clear. VF30 Est. $700 - $900

1888NCC VF20

Problem free Key Date with all rim beading clear. Only the lowest braid segment is missing. Upper 2/3 of Victoria's portrait shows all major detail. Trends $350

1888NCC Fine 15

KEY DATE. Strong Reverse. Could also stand well, graded as F-VF. Only the braid and lower laurel leaves show advanced wear. Fine 15 Trends $235  

1894NCC AU55 Hairlines Obv.

VERY RARE and FULLY STRUCK. All braid segments, beading, hair & bun detail, eyelid and split in centre laurel leaf are very sharp & complete. Tons of mint frost in devices, especially on Reverse. Newcan detects some light hairlines on Obverse; which looks to be a light rub by thumb or cloth.Trends. $2500 

1894PCGS AU50

SCARCE. All braid segments, hair & bun detail, eyelid, beading and split in centre laurel leaf are very sharp and clear. Tons of mint frost in devices, especially on Reverse.  Untoned but original. Trends $1500.

1894NCC EF45

Attractive even brownish-gold. Light to medium on Obverse and medium on Reverse. Hair, leaves, braid, bun and eye show strong detail. Trends $1100

1894NCC EF40/45

Light, even tone - purple-gold Obv. - gold Rev. Hair, bun, laurel leaves & braid clear. All beading sharp - both sides. Mint frost in devices, especially on Rev. Est. $900

1894NCC EF Lightly Cleaned

Retoned light gold. All; beading is sharp and clear. Est. $300.

1896Sm. W Obv. 2NCC EF40

Medium gold tone in Obv. devices & on entire Rev. Very sharp. All braid segments, eye & hair detail and split in centre laurel leaf clear. A strong eye appeal Rev. Trends $700. 

1896Sm. W. Obv. 2NCC VF/EF+

All beading sharp and clear. Mint frost in devices, especially on Reverse. Est. $140.

1898Small W Obverse 2NCC AU50/55

Problem free. Excellent strike with tons of light gold mint frost in devices, especially on Reverse. Est. $1350

1898Small W Obverse 2NCC AU50 +

Very sharp with a hint of gold in Obverse devices. An excellent piece for a Date or Type set. Est. $1200.

1899Narrow DateNCC AU50

A beautiful piece. Premium light gold tone - both sides with strong frost and eye appeal in devices, especially on Reverse . Full detail in braid, hair, bun, laurel leaves, eyelid and eyebrow. Trends $1000 

1899Wide DateNCC EF45

Lots of original mint frost remaining in devices on both sides. All detail is very clear - including - braid segments, bun, hair, eye and laurel leaves with a good split in the centre leaf. An underrated Victoria 50c variety in this grade and significantly tougher than the Narrow Date. Trends $700. 

1899Wide DateNCC EF45

All beading sharp & clear. Lightly dipped but with lots of mint frost still in devices. Eyelid, laurel leaves, bun and hair all show well. Trends $700

1899Narrow DateNCC EF45

Light gold tone. Sharp with all braid segments, centre laurel leaf, beading, hair, bun and eye detail - very clear. Lots of mint frost in devices. Has 3 small cuts at the lower front of neck - not distracting. Trends $500.

1900Convex Obverse Planchet TypeNCC VF/EF

As is not uncommon for this date, the Obverse shows early wear on the centre highpoints due to being struck from a Convex Obverse blank. Detail of the hair & bun and Reverse is EF; but the Obverse centre is F-VF. Reverse devices show considerable mint frost. This date clearly has 2 distinct Planchet types. Newcan would be interested in viewing any examples of this planchet anomaly in high grade that could be shown to us at coin shows. Est. $120. 

1900Convex Obverse Planchet TypeNCC VF20

For this Convex Obverse Planchet Type the coin is VF although the braid segments are not visible. This is typical for the Convex Obverse examples which occur in about 10% -> 20% of this date.

1900NCC VG 10

Problem free with good rims, lettering and all major design clear on both sides. Est. $20.

1904HNCC MS66

SUPERB BLAST WHITE ! Full frost, full strike, excellent fields and eye appeal. A perfect fit for a Date or Type Set.

1908NCC EF45

A trace of gold in devices. Nice for date or type. Trends $110.

1908ICCS EF40

Brilliant, sharp and original with claims to a higher grade ! A little mint frost still in devices. Trends $70

1908NCC Fine 12

Problem free. $17

1909ICCS MS64

Very light gold tone. Only the second piece of this underrated date that Newcan has listed above 63. None certified higher by ICCS. We purchased both, within the last few months and were happy to do so. This one, is without the Obv. striation. of the preceding example; but the eye appeal, although nice, is not quite as strong on Obverse. Trends $2500. 


1909ICCS MS64

Beautiful greenish gold tone and frost, especially on Obv. Fully struck with one very light planchet striation well hidden on Obverse, otherwise it would be a full Gem. Obverse eye appeal is excellent. An underrated date with none certified higher by ICCS. Est. $2500. 

1909ICCS-NCC AU50-AU50 Clnd Rev.

Obverse is beautiful as an AU50 or 55 - too bad someone rubbed the Reverse. Cleaning is not mentioned on the ICCS holder. Est. $100

1909NCC VF30

A touch of gold in Obverse devices. Top of King's ear is distinct. Est. $50.

1909NCC Fine 15

A little frost still in Reverse devices. Trends $23.

1909NCC Fine 15

Trace toning in devices. Trends $23

1911NCC EF45/AU50

Lutrous Reverse with a full Obverse horizontal band and 8 clear, sharp pearls. Est. $100.

1918ICCS-NCC AU55-AU55/62+

Strong mint frost in greenish-gold, especially on Reverse. Toning is light and even. Est. $145



Newfoundland $2.00 Gold (0)

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